I’m not even sure why I’m calling these vacation nails because 1) vacation is almost over for me and 2) I just did them at around midnight 9/21, but hey. We’ll go with it.

So, more and more I have been wanting to learn how to do my own nail art because it’s really beautiful, but really expensive to get done at the nail salon. And while I am a lazy girl who would rather have someone else do it for me, my budget conscious side is telling me to do it myself. So, when I finally caught cabin fever Friday, I went out to Ulta to get some goodies for my nails.

Now, I have like 500 bottles of nail polish (no exaggeration), so I wanted some tools to work with. I ended up getting this 5 tool set from Red Carpet Manicure:


It’s a pretty basic set that includes a clean up brush, two sided dotting tool, striping brush, detail brush, and application brush. The application brush has a boxed end so that you can get a straight line for French manicures. I couldn’t decide what colors or design I wanted, and ended up making a big mess before it ended:


Ultimately, I ended up with these colors:


The base color was Evie from Julep, the stripes were Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not from OPI, and the dots were Revlon’s Black Lingerie. I use Essie’s Millionails as a base and Sally Hansen InstaDri for my topcoat. After about an hour and a half, here’s the end result:


I should have gone with a darker purple, but I like it! The brushes were easy to control ( I’m ambidextrous, but I favor my right hand), but I know I could use some more practice. I got compliments on them though, so I am well on my way! As much time as it took, I don’t know if it’s an every polish change look for me (I work retail and have to redo my nails about 3-4 times a week), but is great when I have time on an off day.

I shall savor the last bit of my vacation now. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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