New York Comic Con Quick Hit

Hi Lovelies! I live!

Whatever ick that took hold of me last week has been defeated, and now I can put the finishing touches on my wardrobe for the day.

I’m not cosplaying this year. Too broke. But! I did my nails:


And I picked out today’s shirt:


And now I’m having some tea and digging through my massive pile of makeup trying to decide how I want my face to look. I’ll be putting a post up later about all of the wonderful cosplayers I see and panels I attend, but if you want to get a look faster, follow me on Instagram (or look at the widget there on the right toolbar.) Until then, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures NYCC

Ugh. Sick.

Hi lovelies.

So I’m typing this from a sofa that is littered with tissues and discarded medicine packs.

I do hate being sick, particularly when I have a million things to do, and this was my only day off to get them all done.

And on a completely superficial note, I wanted to do my nails today and just don’t have the energy to put any heart into them. The nail polish posts will be postponed to next week for Comic Con. And I am going to Comic Con, come hell or high water. I’ll be doing X-Men themed nails and makeup next week, so if you aren’t following me on Instagram, do it! They’ll get a sneak peek of the looks before I post them here.

Ok, I’m off to get some soup, more medicine, and sleep. Until next week, stay healthy and beautiful!