Hi Lovelies!

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I just want to thank all of you that liked and commented on my 50 Shades nail post, and to thank my new followers. The love is so appreciated! 😀

Now, it’s no secret to anyone that’s been reading for a while that I have a bit of a passion for nail polish.

No, really:



Granted, these were pictures taken at the beginning of the year. Since then I’ve joined Julep, and so the collection grew:



Ahem. My name’s Char, and I’m a nail polish addict.

So, what’s my favorite brand of nail polish? It might surprise you that I genuinely don’t have one! I love to try new brands, and if I find one I love, I’ll put money in the nail budget to purchase it. I’m a fan of Julep because of the variety of color and texture. I love OPI for innovation (you can see my myriad of Shatter polishes in the first pic, and while texture isn’t my thing, I do have a Liquid Sand polish too), I love Essie for nail treatments (Millionails, anyone?) I can’t say I’ve tried any indie brands (put some suggestions in the comments!); the closest would be the polishes from Tini Beauty. If you love to layer and mix colors without that weird gummy thickness on your nails, they’re the brand to try (disclosure: the company I work for sells this product, but I am not being compensated to do this testimonial. They’re just that great.)

As to nail tools, when it comes to detailing brushes and dotting tools, I use the ones from Red Carpet Manicure:


I use the detail brush and cleanup brush the most, but I am working on a look using the dotting tool (the one pictured has two sides) to show y’all soon. The applicator brush (clear handle) has a straight edge, and this is what I use to do my French Mani looks. The other end is slanted to use as a scoop, and that’s what I used to apply the chunky glitter in the 50 Shades post.

I also love the Sally Hansen nail pens for detailing, but you know, you could always use the superfine tipped Sharpie markers too. Economical and pretty!

Base Coat: I alternate between Essie’s Millionails for strengthening and Tini Beauty’s Simple Syrup. Simple Syrup (not just for drinks!) has a slightly tacky feel to it when it’s dry. I find that if I really need a manicure to last for a while, I’ll do Simple Syrup first to insure my polish doesn’t budge. Millionails I use when I’m giving my nails a break from color (it’s glossy alone), or just as a buffer when I’m doing test runs on looks.

Top Coat: my favorite is the Sally Hansen InstaDri. I have used Seche Vite in the past, and I’ve found I pick up stains on my nails easier and that my brighter colors go a bit yellow when I do. Maybe I had a bad batch? Not sure, but Sally Hansen works wonders for me. I did get a bottle of Julep’s Polymer Top Coat when I bought a set of colors from them. I’ll try it and give y’all the verdict.

And there you have it! Some of the products I love to use to create my looks. I’ll have some new looks ready for you a little later on this week, as class is calling! Until then, stay beautiful!

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