Hey Lovelies!

I showed you my awesome stash of polishes yesterday, and I thought, well…I am now up to 34 Julep polishes. Maybe I should use them now!

I should note it is ridiculously late where I am, and I ought to be in bed sleeping because work. But nails are so much more fun!


Today’s manicure was all Julep:


That’s Faye, Shenae, and Geo. Geo was featured yesterday as one of my brand new additions to the collection. The results?


I did Shenae on 8 nails, and did Faye on my ring fingers. I used my dotting tool to put random polka dots of Faye all over 8 fingers. Then, I drew a wide stripe of Shenae down my ring fingers, and topped that off with Geo. I wish the camera could pick up on the 3D depth of the glitter stripe. Love!

Minty green is a color that is right on the line of the brights that I love and the pales I leave alone. It makes me happy.

I’ve got some studying to do, so now that I’ve indulged my habit, I’m gonna get on that now. 🙂 Until next time, stay beautiful!

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