Quick Hit: I Bought some Goodies from BH Cosmetics!

Hi Lovelies!

Thanksgiving week (the week of the infamous Black Friday sales) I took advantage of some awesome BH Cosmetics deals. I got a huge haul for a good price.

No seriously. I got a HUGE haul:

photo (11)

What you see there is a 66 color lip palette, 120 color shadow palette, 18 color baked shadow palette, 30 color eyes on the 60s palette (and it came with the pink brush set as a bundle!), nail decals, and a set of false lashes.

Are you ready for how much I spent?

Are you?

$50! All of these goodies for $50. They always have a great sale going on the website, and while you’re there, sign up for their email. That’s how I got the scoop on the Black Friday sale.

I’m new to trying this brand (although it’s all over YouTube), so I can’t wait to put some looks together. Y’all know I’ll report back with the details. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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Nail Adventures: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold…

…but it may be just gold leaf instead.

Hi Lovelies!

So, in the interest of using the million and a half nail polishes I have in my house as creatively as possible, I came up with this really pretty gilded look.

I’m more into silver than gold in my jewelry, but I am doing my best to expand my horizons. So, these are the polishes I used to get my look:

photo 3 (2)

From left to right: Alexandra (buff creme), Francis (celery creme), Gianna (gold leaf), and Ski Slope Sweetie (iridescent white with gold shimmer). I did Alexandra on thumb, middle, and pinky, and Francis on pointer and ring fingers. I added one coat of Ski Slope Sweetie on all 10 nails, and added Gianna over the nails with Francis. The result?

photo (12)

I love this! Not as big and sparkly as I normally do, but I love this for a cool change of pace. The iridescence makes the colors look more neutral, so it’s great for my day to day work look.

I’m working on some holiday, party, wedding (not mine, I’m attending!), and New Year’s looks for y’all. Can’t wait to share them with y’all!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures

Nail Adventures: Snow Day Nails

Hi Lovelies!

So, while I was in Texas visiting my family, this happened:


Snow is easy to deal with, but that there is ice. Maybe I should have called these nails Ice Day nails?


Since when icy, snowy, icky conditions happen in the south the world grinds to a halt (because seriously? The south should be warm!), I knew we;d be stuck in the house all day. No worries. I packed some nail polish before I left NY, so I figured I’d do my nails while my mom and I watched some Christmas movies. I used two colors for the look:

photo 2 (3)

That’s Evelyn on the left (from my Julep box this month) and Fly on the right (it’s from the Nicki Minaj collection). I figured I’d keep it simple, since Stinky wanted to be petted and I didn’t want to spend all day on it. The result?


Perfect contrast to the stark white outside. The rhinestones didn’t last long, though (of course not), but it looked great while it lasted. 🙂

And hey, here’s an extra pic of Stinky, because why not:


That’s her playing with little bro and the dearly departed squeaky toy, Bill. Poor Bill. He never had a chance.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures

Nail Adventures: Julep December Box

Hi Lovelies!

So, right before I left on my mini vacation last week, my Julep Maven box came. I packed all 5 of my newest colors in my luggage, but not before I took a picture of the haul:


I received 5 nail colors (my two for the month, plus 3 add ons), an eyeshadow palette, and hair ties. Bonus: I also received a coupon code for 40% off my next purchase on Julep! The eyeshadow palette was a really nice set of neutrals (browns and golds), and a good mix of matte and shimmer. Really nice, and will be awesome for my day to day makeup looks.

But of course, y’all came for the polish, right? Let me show you them:

photo 1 (4)

From left to right: Evelyn (rich grape purple creme), Misti (dusty teal creme), Joelle (holographic silver glitter), Christine (chocolate brown with silver sheen), and Gianna (gold leaf). Evelyn and Misti are a part of this month’s collection. Christine and Joelle are sold as a duo add on, and Gianna was an add on as well. I’m really excited to use Gianna because it will give an awesome granite look to a nail (I have a nail look coming that showcases this perfectly.)

Oh, and by the way: for those nail polish fanatics that either heard of Julep but haven’t tried it, or for those who like to look at their polishes in person before buying them: Julep has a Pop Up Shop coming Friday! I kept seeing the buzz about it online, and since I follow them on Instagram (@julepmaven) when it was confirmed, I was stoked! I’ll have to do a spreadsheet to keep from rebuying the same colors. Having written that, I ought to be ashamed for owning that much nail polish, but you know what? I’ve got no shame. 🙂 Go here for more details and the address. I’m headed there after work tomorrow, because it will only be open for a week. Maybe I’ll see some of y’all there!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to advertise for Julep, I just love their stuff that much and want to share!

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Hello lovelies!

I decided to take a mental break from things, so I went home to Texas to visit my mom and little bro. It was nice and relaxing, and it was great to see Stinky, the family dog, and to meet little bro’s girlfriend (who is an absolute sweetie.)


That’s Stinky! We can’t quite figure out all of the breeds in her lineage, but her bark is way bigger than she is. Her squeaky toy, Bill, didn’t make it through the weekend. By the time I was packing up Saturday night, his head was detached and his stuffing was strewn about the floor. Maybe that means she loved it?


OMG, Peach Crush! Ok, any Southerner reading this is all…why take a pic of this? Because I live in NY and I have the hardest time finding it. I can find it in Orange (of course) and Pineapple (my go to most of the time), but I hardly find it in Peach. I got to sip on that when I first came home. It was awesome.


Where else but the South can you find a Kit Kat Cake for sale? I wouldn’t be able to eat it as I am allergic to chocolate (womp womp), but I’d sure have a good time making it! And yes, those are in fact M&M’s on the top of the cake.

Now, I’m sure y’all are wondering how the weather was. It’s Texas, so it was nice and warm, right?


Yeah. About that. So, I left the frozen north to come to the frozen south. Worst part? That’s ice, not snow. Snow is at lot easier to deal with cause it’s fluffy. Ice is an absolute pain in the ass to deal with. By the time I left, there were giant branches all over from the weight of the ice breaking them. But even with the weather, I was happy I got to spend some time with the family.

And that’s it for the vacay pics! I did do my nails while I was there, and that post is coming Friday. I am going to show y’all my Julep haul tomorrow (also, NYers….there’s a Julep Pop Up Shop coming Friday!). Until then, stay beautiful!

Well, ok. Here’s one more pic of Stinky.


She was after my dinner, so she put on her cute face to get me to share. Didn’t work. 🙂