Hi Lovelies!

So, while I was in Texas visiting my family, this happened:


Snow is easy to deal with, but that there is ice. Maybe I should have called these nails Ice Day nails?


Since when icy, snowy, icky conditions happen in the south the world grinds to a halt (because seriously? The south should be warm!), I knew we;d be stuck in the house all day. No worries. I packed some nail polish before I left NY, so I figured I’d do my nails while my mom and I watched some Christmas movies. I used two colors for the look:

photo 2 (3)

That’s Evelyn on the left (from my Julep box this month) and Fly on the right (it’s from the Nicki Minaj collection). I figured I’d keep it simple, since Stinky wanted to be petted and I didn’t want to spend all day on it. The result?


Perfect contrast to the stark white outside. The rhinestones didn’t last long, though (of course not), but it looked great while it lasted. 🙂

And hey, here’s an extra pic of Stinky, because why not:


That’s her playing with little bro and the dearly departed squeaky toy, Bill. Poor Bill. He never had a chance.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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