…but it may be just gold leaf instead.

Hi Lovelies!

So, in the interest of using the million and a half nail polishes I have in my house as creatively as possible, I came up with this really pretty gilded look.

I’m more into silver than gold in my jewelry, but I am doing my best to expand my horizons. So, these are the polishes I used to get my look:

photo 3 (2)

From left to right: Alexandra (buff creme), Francis (celery creme), Gianna (gold leaf), and Ski Slope Sweetie (iridescent white with gold shimmer). I did Alexandra on thumb, middle, and pinky, and Francis on pointer and ring fingers. I added one coat of Ski Slope Sweetie on all 10 nails, and added Gianna over the nails with Francis. The result?

photo (12)

I love this! Not as big and sparkly as I normally do, but I love this for a cool change of pace. The iridescence makes the colors look more neutral, so it’s great for my day to day work look.

I’m working on some holiday, party, wedding (not mine, I’m attending!), and New Year’s looks for y’all. Can’t wait to share them with y’all!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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