So, when the Julep Pop Up Shop was in NYC a couple of weeks ago, I got to go visit the day before it closed.

I was not disappointed.


Dun dun dun!!!!!

That there is a tower of nail polish. At the risk of looking sacrilegious, I didn’t kneel before it and bow, but damned if it didn’t cross my mind for a moment. True story. 😉

When I walked in, a lovely woman with an iPad asked if I wanted to take a style survey (for the uninitiated, if you sign up for Julep you take one then, too). Because styles change, I took it again to see if I would get the same result.

I am normally Boho Glam, and came out a Bombshell. Meh, same difference. 🙂

I got a free polish for taking the survey again. Yay! From there, there was a testing station:



All of the shades were separated in to purples, blues, greens, glitters, metallics…oh, my. I felt my pulse quicken. Even though I had nail polish on, there were cotton pads and nail polish remover at my disposal. So I got down to playing with the colors, and picked out three colors. More on that later. But first:



They came up with a color to honor the city they placed their pop up shop in. Empire is a gorgeous silver color.  And now: the four colors I walked out with (for $20!):


Nail Polish Haul!

From left to right: Trina (dark purple microglitter), Sylvia (violet creme), Ciara (iridescent purple with blue microglitter), and Paris (gold/multi holographic glitter). Paris was featured in my nail look for New Year’s, and Sylvia was the free polish. 

I had an awesome time shopping, and I hope that Julep will consider doing a pop up again!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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