I first purchased my glasses when I still lived in Florida. Considering I live in New York now, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had a new pair.

I was solely a contacts girl for a while, though, so they didn’t have much wear, really. Eventually, though, all of my years of wear and tear took a toll on them, and an adjustment made them a bit fragile.

So last week, I was lying in bed with my iPad propped on my chest. It’s in a case that will allow the iPad to stand up when horizontal.

My phone beeps. Oh, a message? I reach over to get it.

And then.

It happened.

*cue Psycho-esque horror music*

My iPad flips forward, and clocks me square on the bridge of my nose as I shift to grab my cell. I laid there, dazed. Then I thought, “Ow, dammit! I’m gonna have a knot on my nose in the morning.” Then I adjust the iPad, and go to reach for my phone. As I turned my head…half of my glasses fell next to me.

“What in the hell…wait, are they broken?!”

Yep. iPad snapped them clean in half.


I had an emergency pair of contacts to use the next day (I’d transitioned back to glasses as every day use, and contacts on special occasions), as I was fresh out of superglue.

Luckily it was a clean break with no extra bits strewn about, so gluing them together was easy. But I worried. What if the iPad attacks me again? Can they hold up to it?

I couldn’t take a chance. Besides, it had been nigh on 9 years (!!!) since I last got a pair of glasses. So, I went on down to the eye doc for a fresh prescription and a new pair. Being a retro girl at heart, I settled on this pair of Michael Kors glasses:

photo 2 (4)

They’re a larger frame, and they’re in my favorite color: blue! Love! And the makeup looks I can do with this. For example, I put on the purple lipstick (Revlon’s Violet Frenzy) for the sole purpose of taking these selfies (the before is the top right hand side.) I’m happy I can still pull off a bold lip with such bold frames.

*rubs hands together* Good, good. Fin.

I do so love a happy ending. 🙂

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