Did y’all miss me? 😀

I managed to get both bronchitis and laryngitis which left me with enough energy to work like a zombie then come home and pass out.

Now that’s passed, let’s get on with the nail stuff!

I don’t fool with Valentine’s Day mostly, but I do makeup for a living and I do love to experiment with different colors.


Right Hand


Left Hand

I used OPI’s Pink A Boo and Revlon’s Velvet Rope for this look, and added some pink stones for sparkle. I had to add a white base to my nails, as Pink A Boo is sheerer than I prefer. Once I got a coat of white, two coats of pink worked just fine. Then, I took my nail brushes and pens and started designing from there with Velvet Rope. This mani was a lot of fun, especially because I don’t normally do pastel pink, and I love how it turned out.

I hope y’all had a lovely Valentine’s Day or an awesome half-off candy day (Feb 15th!)


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