I went to a meeting for work, and I did my nails up all fancy for the occasion.

I picked up Push and Shove from OPI’s Gwen Stefani Collection. Its this really cool silver that, when used with the Lay Down That Base base coat, turns into this beautiful high chrome silver with mirror reflection. I got the set of two:

Picture from Google.

I used Essie’s Licorice as the black accents, and added a fancy bow charm and rhinestones. The result?


Right Hand


Left Hand

This is a look I absolutely loved, but it doesn’t last long. In order to get the chrome look, you can’t use top coat (adding top coat will take it to just a regular silver color.) Also, the charm kind of worked my nerves a bit; I was petrified that I would knock it off of my finger! But since that wasn’t a day that I worked with my hands, it was all good.

I should note that this mani took me a while to get done (about midnight). It’s bad when your obsession keeps you up at night.

Totally worth it, though. 😀

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