I can never call myself a gamer. I enjoy watching others play, and I do enjoy my Mario Kart and Just Dance.

But gamer? Nah. I’m nowhere near good enough.

I can, however, make a game come to life on my nails!  One of my favorite games to play when I was a peanut was PacMan. So I thought: why not put PacMan on my nails? The inspiration for this look came from two different videos I found on YouTube:

This one is from HannahRoxNails.

And this one is from PolishPedia.

I loved elements from both of these videos, and combined them to create this look:


Right Hand


Left Hand

I was able to freehand PacMan there. Practice does make perfect! Despite my ambidexterity, circles elude me when I have to make them with my left hand, so right hand only got the maze and dots. The side eye from the ghosts make me giggle every time I look down at my hands. So cute!

And now, off to fall back down the YouTube hole and find some other looks!

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