Don’t you hate when you have an outfit planned to the hilt, then you look at it all together and realize…this ain’t it?

Luckily for me, I managed to figure this out before the event.

I know, I’ve been on about this birthday outfit of mine for weeks now. Since my birthday is next week, you’ll be able to see the grand reveal soon.

So, I got my new dress from Eloquii last week, and it’s as gorgeous as I expected it to be. Fits like a dream, colors are gorgeous, oh em gee. I am excited! No link, wait till next week!

But when I laid everything out together: cuff, bag, dress, and shoes:


These elements are good by themselves. They would be good in combination with another dress. But not this one I bought.


To avoid having to share another epic fail in addition to the nail art that went awry earlier this week, I’m gonna have to reevaluate this outfit.

Ordinarily I’d be excited to go and shop, but this was supposed to be the year where I wouldn’t do the I Can’t Find It run.

You know that run.

That’s the run where you have an idea in your head of the pieces that you need to take your outfit to the next level, but everything you find is just missing that one thing to make it perfect. Then you end up settling for what you don’t really want, but it’ll work because you’re tired and want to go home to do your nails and prep your hair for your event already.

I don’t want to do that run. It takes all the fun of crafting an outfit and makes it labor. And I do enough laboring at work.

So, what’s gonna happen is this: I’m going to find a pair of shoes online and have it shipped to the retailer, then me and a hot glue gun have a date so I can pull this off. At least if I’m home putting everything together, I can just take a nap when I’m ready. 🙂

Next week: more NYCC sketches and next Saturday the Birthday Outfit reveal!

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