I get sea sick.

I don’t do boats, even though I love fishing.

I love the beach, but stay on the sand.

I don’t do water, really. Not unless it’s for bathing/cooking/cleaning/water balloons.

And yet, every year, I find myself wanting a bathing suit. Considering the most I’m gonna do near a body of water is lounge next to it, I could probably get away with a pair of shorts and a tank.

But I like bathing suits. They’re so pretty!

And to piggyback off of my last post where I spoke about trends that scare me, I find myself looking at bikinis more and more. But the bikini trend I’m not so afraid of. It would be different, yes, but last year I wore a suit that had all of my back out. Belly would be the final frontier, as it were.

Now, for the most part, I prefer to do one piece suits. And this actually has nothing to do with wanting to cover up everything inasmuch as it has to do with simplicity. Two piece suits are work! I have to find a set that matches, and then I have to try it on.

And on top of that: I don’t like bras. I have a sizable enough rack, so I need one. Bikini tops with underwire: lovely for support, feels like a bra. If I get a wireless top…then I’m sagging all over the place. No.

Do. Not. Want.

I don’t mind the bottoms so much. A high waisted brief seems like a good idea: kind of corset like. I like corsets. But they’re hot (and not like “oooh!” hot either.)

A good one piece suit, on the other hand, is ONE piece. I put it on, throw on sundress and sandals, and go. Simple!

And yet…I find it so hard to decide between this:

From Monif C

Or this:

Fullscreen capture 642014 102543 PM.bmp

From Swimsuits For All.

I just can’t decide. I would use functionality as a tie breaker, but again. I can’t swim (I’d learn, but am a bit afraid of water), the most I do is dip a leg in the ocean or stand in the shallow end of the pool. Don’t need much for that.

And they’re both gorgeous. How do I choose?

I’m not. Come next payday, I’m getting them both. 😀


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