Hey folks!

I am rounding that homestretch right before vacation. You know the one I mean.

It’s only a few days, but it feels like time is ticking backwards till you can finally have a drink or 4 and sleep in the next morning.


Anyhow, I realize I didn’t show you a manicure last week, and that’s because I didn’t really have time to do one because of Super Important Work Stuff. I just took the opportunity to let my nails breathe a bit.

But the night before Super Important Meeting, I stopped by the store to grab some pantyhose and some Sally Hansen nail stickers caught my eye.

Reverse manicure. Nice!


Disk-O Queen!

So, the box made it as though the half moon was matte and the rest of the look was glitter, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s glittery top to bottom! There are a couple more reverse french looks I want to try, as well as some twists on the classic french I’m picking up soon. Totally a go to when I just don’t have the time to do a full nail look but want to be polished.

Hmm. Nail design or stickers this week? Stay tuned!

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