So, in yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I made a new friend. Here’s how that happened.

I get to Friday’s fashion show, and due to there being a VIP section, I had to find a place in the back that would allow me to see and take pictures without getting in anyone’s way. I decided upon the back corner of the room, and figured I’d just crop out any errant heads that might be in the pictures.

I’m getting adjusted, trying to get comfortable, and I hear someone ask if anyone was using the seats closest to me. I say no, and D and her sister come to have a seat nearby.

We chat as I take a couple of test shots, and I can see not one blessed thing. D says quietly, “Hmm, maybe we should move so we can see better.” I’d been thinking the same thing, so I go, “Y’all thinking about moving?” She says: “You too?” “Yep, can’t see a thing from here.” So we all shift over a bit to a better viewpoint, and continue the convo.

D is going to start a blog soon, but she was at fashion week to get some information and inspiration. I gave my limited help, and encouragement. I have to say that for me the biggest thing was just to START. I made plans and talked about it, but took forever to get started. Once I got started, and found a way to get comfortable with a regular posting schedule (I like order, so this was a must), everything fell into place. Every comment and like makes me happy, and if at least one person reads my blog and takes one step that helps in their evolution, then I’ve done my job.

I had myself a viewing companion and a new (future!) blogger boo.

Exciting! 🙂

Here we are at the second fashion show:


I have on a dress ( that was way too short so I made it a shirt) from City Chic, and the skirt my mom sent me. I’d actually had a different outfit planned that night, and spent way too much of my day altering it and creating a sheer jacket to go with it. I realized I’d want on a full bodyshaper with it. It was entirely too hot for that, so I nixed it for this skirt combo instead. I still loved it.

And now: more fashion!





This was the last Full Figured Fashion Week to be produced by DeVoe Signature Events. I am hoping so much that someone else steps in to take up the mantle. I attended last year and loved it, and attended this year and loved it more.

If I had the money, I’d take it over. It’s such a positive space that showcases the diversity of the plus size community.

And that’s it, folks! All of the coverage from Full Figured Fashion Week. Next week’s posting will be light, as I will be getting everything together for the YouTube premiere (I so cannot wait!)

Happy Weekend!

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