Positive Tuesday

I had some thoughts while working on something else, and wanted to share them with y’all. This isn’t regularly scheduled programming, but I feel as though someone is gonna come across this page and need to read this.

You’re enough.

You don’t need him.

You don’t need her.

You don’t need them.

Their problems are not your problems. That isn’t being selfish; that’s called self-care.

You look amazing in that dress. It hugs all of your beautiful curves.

Your ass looks amazing in those jeans. Haters gonna hate.

Yes, wear the crop top.

No, it’s never too early in the day for red lipstick. Rock out!

Yes, you can wear purple eye shadow. Play in some shades!

No, not wearing makeup doesn’t make you less of a woman. It makes you a woman who doesn’t wear makeup.

No, wearing makeup doesn’t make you less of a man. It makes you a man who wears makeup.

You are not a problem to be solved.

If something goes wrong today, trust in your ability to fix it.

Yes, wear the tulle skirt. It’s not too fancy for work.

Buy it, if it’s in your budget. If you can’t spend money on you every now and again, there’s no point in having it.

Enjoy that cookie. It doesn’t hold moral ground. You wanted a cookie. Eat and be happy.

Enjoy that salad. It doesn’t hold moral ground. You wanted a salad. Eat and be happy.

Your face isn’t too fat for short hair. Flaunt that pixie!

Your legs aren’t too fat for shorts/skirts/leggings.

No, you don’t have to belt that. Flow on, sister!

You do have a name, and it ain’t big girl or big boy. And there’s nothing wrong with correcting the person that says it to you, either.

Wear what you love.

Love who you wish.

You are enough. In case you forgot as you read this today. 🙂


Any other bits of positivity you want to share? Leave them in the comments!

Have a wonderful day, everyone. 🙂



Sally Hansen Gel Manicure: Part 2

Remember I told y’all that I would keep the manicure to test for wear?

I did my nails Thursday night. I worked Friday and had the weekend off. These are the pics I took Sunday morning:


Yeah. And that’s my left hand, which doesn’t show as much wear as my right. The glitter nail on my right hand is already coming up. I will chalk that to the glitter layer being thick, but this chipping nonsense?

Basically, I got about the same wear time out of this gel manicure that I get out of my standard polish. It was pretty while it lasted, though!

Nail Adventures Reviews

Nail Adventures: Sally Hansen Gel Manicure

Life has slowed down, at least a bit. So, after I had some delicious sushi, I decided to do my nails.

I managed to find the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure kit at a steep discount, so I thought, why not? I’ve never done a gel manicure, and this way I can try it out myself.

Why no gel? Gel manis focus on long wear. I get antsy about my nail polish after about two days and I want to change it. Gel manicures you have to soak and scrape off, and ugh.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But then, the application is quick. And for me, that’s the tedious part, particularly if I’m doing designs: waiting for the layers to dry. Gel manis? 30 second cure, move on to next layer.

And that is something I DO have time for.

So, I figured, why not give it a try?


I decided this is a situation where less is more, since I’m navigating a whole new system with this manicure. I figured, maybe I’ll do an accent nail, use the nail guides, nothing too over the top.

And for what it’s worth, it is really easy to apply and really fast. I kept thinking that nothing was truly dry in between curing, but it was, so I was listening to music and having a delicious drink AND doing my nails without the fear of smudging. Win.

The bad part? Trying to design!

Ok. So the original plan for my accent nails was to lay down some of that silver there (name is Hi Ho Silver), lay down two of the chevron nail guides in a diamond shape, and cover in the red. Basically, I should have had a silver diamond outline on my nails.

That…did not happen, because I couldn’t get the damn nail guides to stick!

So, here’s the thing. While you do an at home gel mani, the polish feels sticky between layers even though it’s dry. So I’m thinking it shouldn’t be that difficult for the nail guide to stick. They stick on standard dry polish with no issues. Well, I was mighty wrong in that aspect. They slid and shifted as though my nail and the guides were covered in some type of oil. I thought maybe the adhesive on the guides wore off or something, but they stuck to my skin just fine. Color me confused.

I got them to lay long enough to put some glitter inside the little diamond shape. I was basically holding the nail guides taut on my skin to try and create some kind of shape at this point. It’s ok, I guess. I did just a solid glitter accent on the other hand which I liked better, but not by much:


The red, by the way, is called Red My Lips.

Meh. I have never been so underwhelmed by a manicure in my life. I don’t know if it’s the color, the glitter, or what. I’m not impressed with this work. But I will say the shine on my nails is awesome, and it really is quick and easy. I was done in under 30 minutes, and that was with scrambling around looking for some glitter to put on. I think if I were one who prefers to keep just one color on my nails (or an undesigned accent nail) I would like it more.

For science, I’m keeping this on to get a feel for how this stands up to work, and let y’all know (it’s coming off next Wednesday, though.) Unless I just get too irritated with my hands and take it off tomorrow. We’ll see.

Hey, never a bad thing to try something new! I may keep playing around with it to see if there’s a look I like in gel, but I think I’ll stick to standard for now.

Happy weekend, y’all!

Nail Adventures Reviews

Nail Adventures Preview: First Gel Manicure

This was supposed to be a finished look by now, but I got caught up working on some Important Things for y’all (get excited, it’s awesome!) So, have a preview of the tools I’m using for the look coming on Friday:


I’ve never done a gel manicure, and I wonder if I can get the same fancy looks in half the time of using standard polish. I know most folks focus on wear time when it comes to gel manicures, but since I do my nails so often, that’s not so much my focus as it is time. I’d probably do more designs if the polish dried faster.

What about quick dry polish, you say? The problem with that is it isn’t for a design. It’s meant to make you look polished (heh) quickly. But if I can do layers and dry them, then adding on designs wouldn’t be so bad. Basically, it’s time for an experiment! Hopefully I don’t mess this up. See the results tomorrow!

Nail Adventures

Glossybox Double Review

I have some shiny, pretty things to share with y’all today! I have to say, I love getting Glossybox because it feels like a little treat to myself every month. Even if I can’t use everything in the box, there’s always at least one thing that I fall in love with.

So, let’s jump in.

First up is the Stars and Stripes box:


I got a C wonder gift card, two body butters, nail polish (:D), an eyeshadow stick, and some Rusk hair spray.

The nail polishes are super pretty. Even though I have similar colors, I can’t wait to see how the formula wears. These are from StrangeBeautiful.

Body lotions/butters: I love the smell of one, not to fond of the other. The first, in the clear and gold bottle, smells like refreshing grapefruit and grass (not lemongrass, as it states on the bottle). It’s lovely and super moisurizing. It’s by Camille Beckman. Now the other one, in the jar, has an…earthy smell. Jasmine and rosemary. Not a fan of either of those scents, but the hydration makes up for it. I’m using it on my feet. This is by Ayres.

C Wonder gift card: okay, I had to look up what C Wonder was. I admit it. But once I did I was happy. Their accessories are awesome! The problem: I couldn’t figure out how to look up the card’s value online, even when I followed directions. No worries. Once I find a store, they’ll tell me. Hopefully it’s a good amount!

Eyeshadow: now I need more makeup like I need a hole in my head, but this is makeup made simple and pretty. This is by Sumita Beauty, and it’s in champagne. It’s a sparkly neutral that I could use for day or night:


And finally: the Rusk hair spray. I haven’t used hairspray since I transitioned my hair, and don’t really need it. I’m gonna pass this on to one of the girls at work and see how they love it. Bonus: it doesn’t smell like lighter fluid, so it’s got to be some good!

Next up: August Glossybox:


The majority of this box is skincare, and I love trying new skincare. I received a serum, mask, body cream, lip balm, and hair detangler.

First up: body cream. This one is from Mitchell and Peach. It smells lovely, very fresh and very nourishing. My hands are constantly dry, so I’m always keeping hand cream in my bag. This one’s a keeper.

Lip Balm: it’s from Malin +Goetz and it’s a Mojito Lip Balm. It’s refreshing, minty, moisturizing, and most importantly, glossy (I see what you did there, Glossybox!) Bonus: it tastes yummy. A couple of swipes lasted me til lunch. That’s huge, considering my job is talking to people all day. My lips didn’t feel dry or cracked once!

Serum: this is from a new to me company called Skin Inc. My informative card insert tells me that they do custom blended serums for various skin concerns. They read my mind and sent me the brightening serum. My skin can get a little dull, despite its constant shine, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this does over time. Immediate results were moisturizing without grease (and that’s amazing considering this serum is NOT oil-free), and hopefully I’ll have a glowier complexion in a month. We shall see! Also, it’s pretty:


Mask: this is from a not new to me company called GlamGlow. Now, I have heard some wonderful things about GlamGlow, and I can’t wait til I have some downtime to give myself a proper facial and use this product. It has clay, green tea, and chamomile in it (among other things), and my insert tells me that it exfoliates, tightens pores, absorbs impurities, and smooths texture. All that in a 10 minute mask, huh? Ok then, game on!

And finally, the hair detangler: this one is from Philip B, and it’s the PH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist. Now, unlike the hair spray above, I can ALWAYS use a detangler. Lord knows my hair can knot up in a matter of seconds when I’m picking it out. It smells like the apple cider vinegar it contains, but that’s not so bad. As I’m doing my weekly wash, I’ll be adding this in to see how it stands up to this natural hair.

And there you have it! Two months worth of Glossybox goodness, and only one product I can’t really use. Not bad at all!

Tomorrow: a new Nail Adventure…and I’m going into uncharted territory. Are you ready?


A Letter to Linda Kelsey

Dear Linda Kelsey,

I read the article you wrote for the Daily MailYou raised several questions within it, and as a young, fat, and unashamed woman, I’d like to help you gain some clarity.

I knew at a young age I was fat.

Around that same age I learned that fat was bad, and I should beat it as best I could.

I spent a lot of time hating my belly. Hating my thighs. Hating my arms. I wasn’t completely happy with myself because no one else (in my mind) seemed to be. I still dressed well, despite starting my teen years as a glam tomboy. Somehow, I felt like an impostor, though.

I never thought I would be worthy of anyone’s love but my parents, and yet deep down I felt they were ashamed of me because I was fat. So I poured my time and efforts into school, so they could have something to brag about. I was never going to be a beauty queen. I had glasses and crooked teeth, and my size didn’t help matters any. I did my best to blend in physically, at least as much as I could, so that I wouldn’t draw attention to myself.

I was known as the smart kid. For years, I felt that was all I had.

So, I did crash diets; tried to suppress my appetite. I figured if I hated my fat as much as everyone else did, it would go away.

Didn’t work. But I decided to give it one more try.

Shortly after graduating from high school, I went on the most successful diet. Two plates of food a day. Diet bread (*retch*). Daily walks.

By the time I made it to university, I’d shed about 20lbs. Lost a dress size.

And I anxiously waited for everything else to change. I’m smaller, right? I’m more accepted, now, right? I was ready to soak up those compliments like a thirsty plant soaks up water after a rainstorm.

Nope. Folks told me two things: 1. I’d gain it back because “Freshman 15” and 2. “When are you gonna lose the rest?”

*record scratch*

So…I did what I was expected to do as a fat girl: lose weight. I even went along with the appropriate self loathing as I did so: knowing how many calories I was consuming, proudly turning down dessert, remembering to take only one plate of food at dinner even though I was extra hungry.

And that still wasn’t enough.

Revelation time: it was NEVER going to BE ENOUGH. No matter what I did.

Fast forward to now: I gained back that 20lbs. Probably more; I can’t be bothered to weigh myself. Doctor says I’m healthy, and even if I wasn’t, it still gives you no room to judge who I am. You don’t know me. You know what you see. You see fat and unhealthy. You also assume I’m blind and can’t see that I’m fat. You are incorrect. I have a mirror, thanks. I love looking at myself and seeing all of my fabulosity.

I wear what I want. Sometimes it’s what society thinks I should wear as a fat woman: something loose and comfy. Sometimes it’s a crop top and skirt–questionable to some. Most humans take fashion risks too.

I eat what I enjoy. It’s mostly healthy, but sometimes it isn’t. Like most humans.

I live my life. I always have that paranoia that folks are judging me negatively when they see me, even if they’re just thinking I have awesome hair or something.  Yet and still, I can’t live according to what other people want. This is MY life, and I do what I please.

“Why are today’s young women so unashamed of being fat?”

This young woman is unashamed of being fat because self loathing never made me skinny. Shame never made me skinny. Hating my fat didn’t make it disappear. It’s here, and whether folks like it or not, it has made me into the strong person I am. I have found courage that I never thought I’d have in life. Self esteem where there wasn’t any.

Call me fat. It won’t make me skinny.

I’ll just smile and say thank you. It’s an adjective. Not an insult.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading,

Char, the Evolving FATshionista