I have been playing around with the Sally Hansen nail decals lately, just trying out new things. And as I cleaned my mess of polish and such:


I had a thought: why not use them to create nail looks faster?

This isn’t the first time I’ve used these nail decals as a creative jump point, but it is the first time I decided to play around with my nail guides and my nail decals at the same time.

This didn’t come without strife and mayhem, however. How could it not? This is me we’re talking about. 🙂

Once I sorted out that mess above, I set out my tools. I wasn’t interested in being up all night with this, so it’s pretty minimal:


That’s a glass of ice water in the middle there. T’was mighty hot yesterday. So, for this look I have the Sally Hansen stickers in Sweet Marble Floret (another look I did with these is here), Julep’s Cameron (sparkly purple), and Essie’s Licorice. Plus base and top coat. The nail guides are by Kiss and come in different shapes to create different looks. I went with the tiny half moons, but if you’re a student and have those paper reinforcements–cut those in half and use them. Good budget option!

I did a base coat to help keep the stickers stuck (say that 5 times fast!) because sometimes nail guides will pull the stickers off of the nail. I also need this mani to last till Saturday because I won’t have time to redo them before then. So, lay down base coat, add stickers, put down nail guides at the base of the nail (you can add them wherever you like, though), place my colors, and go to remove the nail guides.

And here’s where disaster tried to strike. Despite the precautions taken, these nail guides did their best to pull the nail stickers free from my nails. And because it was warm, it was stretchy and extra sticky. Never fear! I was able to salvage my look, and if it happens to you, here’s what you do:

1. Don’t panic. Gently pull your nail guide from the opposite side VERY SLOWLY.

2. So, since you decided to panic anyway (and in so doing, making it worse), you’re gonna grab the orange stick from the Sally Hansen box (it’s in the packaging with the tiny file.) You’re gonna gently press the nail decal back onto the nail, and SLOWLY try pulling the nail guide off again. It should come free now.

3. Now, once you survey the situation, grab your base coat and dab a tiny bit under the nail decal (on the nail) and use that same orange stick to press the decal back onto your nail.

4. Voila! All fixed!

I opted for black (I know! I just happen to be in a classic kind of mood this week, I guess) on 8 nails and sparkle on my ring fingers. Here’s the result:


Super simple and pretty. I definitely recommend a top coat to seal everything in because you have some layers working, and you need as much protection as you can get. I tried Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat, and I love how quickly it dries! Also has a nice shine to it as well.

Keep in mind, this look can go as far as your imagination takes you. You could do zebra print + red or tie-dye + pink, whatever makes you happy. This works best with very opaque colors, though. If you do too sheer, you’ll still be able to see the design shining from underneath (this may or may not have happened to me once.) Go crazy and experiment!

If you give this look a try, I’d love to see it! Hit me up on Twitter @fashion_amateur or on Instagram @evolvingfatshionista and let me know how it goes!

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