From the Magazines…

…comes the look I will be doing for my next YouTube tutorial. I have been playing around with this Dior look since I saw it in my magazine, and I thought: this is simple to do. So, not only will I be filming this, I will be showing you a variation of the look as well!

Here’s the inspiration:


Simple, yet makes a statement. I am also working on a new Nail Adventure for you. I will have matte nails.

Yes, you read that right. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you Friday!


Nerdy Girl Adventures: It Begins…

I was doing some online shopping, trying to relax, and remembered that, yet again, I haven’t really put anything for New York Comic Con (NYCC) together yet.

It’s in October, folks. I have no clue what I’m waiting on.

Since current events are overwhelming my circuits right now, I’m channeling some of this nervous energy into what I intend to wear for the 4 days I’m attending.

But first: storytime.

So, last Thursday I had the luck of having the day off from work. Oddly enough, this so happened to be the same time that NYCC tickets went on sale in downtown Manhattan.

Let’s pause a second.

Last year, when I wanted tickets, I walked into Forbidden Planet, purchased my tickets, and left. Time it took: about 10 minutes.

This year, I got up early, so I could be at Midtown Comics when it opened to purchase tickets. Time it took: about 9 1/2 hours.

Yes. You read that properly. 9 1/2 hours. And I got there way later than quite a few people. The first person to get his ticket had been camped out since 5am that WEDNESDAY.

Holy mackerel.

Now, despite the 4 block long line (!!!!!), I figured it wouldn’t take too long. I got there about 8am, perhaps 8:10. I fully expected to be in line about 4 hours or so. I mean, you go in, you get tickets, you leave. Not difficult, right?

This would be where we learned that people were only going in 10 at a time.

10. At. A. TIME! With a line that snaked through downtown.

I heaved a sigh. Ok then. I had myself a good breakfast, I had sunscreen and water, the iPad was charged (as was the iPod), phone was at the ready. I had time to take this selfie:


So, I had myself covered, right? I didn’t think the wait was bad until about 4 hours in and we’d only moved maybe a 1 1/2 blocks. At this point we hear a small commotion at the end of the line–they capped the line. Now we’re worried: will there be tickets? Don’t worry, attendants in the line assured us. There will be tickets for all of you. Well, yes, but which ones are still available?

No one knew. Whoa.

So, I yank out my phone and get on Twitter. Some folks around me mumbled that perhaps they’d try to get the coveted 3 day tickets on Friday instead.

Then I see the tweet: all the other Midtown locations will not be getting those. Apparently they funneled them to this store. I make this announcement, and shortly thereafter, one of the attendants confirm. Sighs are heaved, and we turn back around to wait. We shuffle an inch, and then I see another tweet:

3 day tickets are sold out. I announce this as well. People look to the attendant for confirmation.


Well, damn.

Now people are moving along, because they wanted 3 day tickets, and they figure if the three day tickets are gone, the 4 day will be soon, too. That’s what I wanted, so I figured I’d stand in line till I hear otherwise.

About 4 hours later, I’m rounding the last corner to take me to the doors. I hear attendants say: 4 day tickets are left! Don’t worry. Folks are passing round extra water, going on 7-11 runs, ordering pizza (seriously). I finally make it to the top, and leave with my prize. And I realize the time: 5:33pm.(My phone is done on juice at this point.) Basically, that’s a whole shift for me. Good heavens.

I tell my fellow geeks good bye and go get a pedicure and a foot massage. I needed it. ๐Ÿ™‚

And here I am! Still stunned I got tickets, amazed I waited that long (I will NOT be doing that foolishness next year!), and stuck on what to wear. Maybe this on Thursday, at least:

Fullscreen capture 8112014 92332 PM.bmp

How cute is this, right? Get it here, if you love it too. I’d pair this with a denim vest and some sneakers for comfort. Thursday is my shopping and panel day, so I want to be cute and comfy. I spoke about one of the costumes I wanted to do before, but I may put that on hold for…

Lady Joker.

Stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Style Inspiration

Today’s subject of the Curvy Fashionista Photo Challenge is “Fashion Inspiration.” Now, of course I have a pic up that embodies that inspiration (over on the right sidebar), but I wanted to go deeper into where my style comes from.

Nature gives me all of the best ideas–from which shades look best together to how to coordinate some shine into a look. Think like when you walk through a park: there’s a lot of green, but a cardinal will catch your eye, or a odd orange flower makes you pause. People describe colors by fruits: cherry or apple red or lemon yellow. Even when you walk the produce aisle at the market, everything is color blocked so as to draw your eye to the delicious goodies. So much like nature will bring one or two things to the foreground, I do the same thing when planning an outfit:ย I have one or two star pieces, and everything else is neutral.ย So if I do bright lip color, then the rest of my face is neutral. If I have on pink eye shadow, I’ll do green jewelry but I’ll have on a plain dress to balance it out.

As for which colors to pick, I normally have on blue, because it’s my favorite color. But really, I likely have pieces in every color in the rainbow or on a tropical bird. The love for sparkle comes from the sun–big, glowy, and warm.

Combine all these elements together and when you see my accessories + fashion picks, it all makes sense.

My favorite thing, though? Flowers. Part of the reason I love flowers so much is because they tend to pop up anywhere. Barren sidewalk? Hey, it’s a dandelion peeking through the cracks! Driving on the highway? Look on your left! See the bright blue flowers tucked in the grass? (I think they’re bluebells, but don’t quote me on that.).

I have a million flower clips for my hair, and my earrings always have some kind of quirk to them: Storm (yep, from X-Men), owls, flower studs, huge hoops, sparkly drop or dangle earrings. Every bit of what I adorn myself with is about putting some visual interest into something plain.

In my younger years, my wanting to blend in years, I still loved having a pair of earrings on. It definitely wasn’t every day, unlike now where I feel naked without something dangling from my ear lobes. ย Mostly it was just hoop earrings and a necklace. Just a little something, when I dared to be “fancy.” Again, putting some visual interest into something plain–me.

And now?

I wear a lot of jewelry, if I have the chance. I know the common rule is to take at least one thing off before you walk out the door, but when it comes to accessories, I believe less isn’t enough. Like magpies who swoop in to snatch something shiny, all things that glitter and sparkle make me the happiest. My favorite thing to do is wear a huge statement necklace and a glittery hair clip. In theory: OMG TOO MUCH, but on me? It just makes sense. A bold statement.

Which makes me stand out.

And I like that. A lot.

Change is good. ๐Ÿ™‚


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The Struggles of Recording for YouTube or, The Premiere of Evolutionary Beauty!

This has been a long time coming. But first: Storytime!

So, I had a weekend off (rare these days), and took the time to get all of the equipment set up and such for my YouTube channel.

I was up bright and early Saturday to get this done, since I figured I finally had everything. Here, see:


So now that I have it all set up, I go to hook the camera up to my laptop so I can see what I’m doing.

Apparently, that’s not supported.



I search my brain, thinking of alternatives I can do. Nothing on the Nikon site, Google isn’t helping. Hmm.

Then it hits me: just use an HDMI cable. If you can hook it up to your tv and see what you need to see, you can surely hook it up to the computer, right?

Nope! Even hooked up to the tv (my plan b), it still didn’t show me anything except “no files found.” After I spent money on an adapter that I no longer need (it’s going back), nothing.

Well then. I fire up Google again, and manage to find that…no, there really isn’t a way that Nikon made so that I can see what I’m doing on my computer. But the lovely Google found me a program that allows me to control my camera from my computer (digiCamControl, for any of you other Nikon and Canon users). And wow! I can now see if I’m in focus before I start filming.

So I go ahead and get myself ready to start, and…the damn camera won’t record. Now I’m stumped, and then everything goes black.

Battery died.

The fuckery. ย -_-

At this point, I am beyond frustrated and ready to just go to bed. But I waited for my battery to charge, and recorded.

I won’t tell y’all that after 11 hours of fighting with equipment, I had everything recorded in about 30-45 minutes. Nope. Won’t do that. Still bitter.

But all of that hard work paid off! Presenting the Perfect Red Lip tutorial on Evolutionary Beauty!

Please let me know what you think, and please like and subscribe.

Suggestions or requests for tutorials? Leave them in the comments below!

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Nail Adventures: Sweet and Sparkly

Hey loves!

So this blog is an offshoot of The Curvy Fashionista Photo Challenge I told y’all about last week. And today’s subject is Mani Monday!

Y’all know there was no way I’d miss this one, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, I had a day full of chores and then a fun night of dinner with my fellow blogger Shecoul and friends.

And of course my nails hadn’t been done since the gel nail failย of a week ago.

But what’s my normal go to? Sally Hansen Nail Decals! They’ve never let me down. I added Clio from Julep to give my characteristic sparkle, and came up with this:



Since I had to climb Mount Laundry yesterday, I needed something quick, and for me, nothing dries quicker than glitter polish. The downside is that it’s a booger to take off, but it’s a trade off I was willing to take. The decals are called Aflorable.

Coming up tomorrow: a premiere! (Barring any unforeseen circumstances, of course.)

See you then!

Nail Adventures

I’m Doing The Curvy Fashionista Instagram Photo Challenge!

Hey folks!

I’ve talked about how I don’t really do pictures. In fact, since the inception of this blog, I’ve taken more pictures than I have in the last…what? 5 or 6 years, I think.

Yes, seriously.

But when I have the chance to step outside my comfort zone, I try to.

So, I follow Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista on Instagram, and saw her put up a daily photo challenge for the month of August.

I looked at it.

Thought about it.

And then I decided…shucks, why not?

Want to join it too? Here’s a full post outlining the details over at Marie’s place, and here’s a full listing of the subjects (number corresponds to day of the month.)

Fullscreen capture 812014 52609 PM.bmp

Give her a follow on Instagram (she has got some FIERCE style, y’all), and follow me too, while you’re there.

Oh, and for funzies: today’s subject is “You.” So here I am this morning on my way to the bank and to get my caffeine fix:


Sunnies are from ASOS. We won’t talk about how it was sunny when it put these on and cloudy by the time I got outside. Still cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a lovely weekend!