Today’s subject of the Curvy Fashionista Photo Challenge is “Fashion Inspiration.” Now, of course I have a pic up that embodies that inspiration (over on the right sidebar), but I wanted to go deeper into where my style comes from.

Nature gives me all of the best ideas–from which shades look best together to how to coordinate some shine into a look. Think like when you walk through a park: there’s a lot of green, but a cardinal will catch your eye, or a odd orange flower makes you pause. People describe colors by fruits: cherry or apple red or lemon yellow. Even when you walk the produce aisle at the market, everything is color blocked so as to draw your eye to the delicious goodies. So much like nature will bring one or two things to the foreground, I do the same thing when planning an outfit: I have one or two star pieces, and everything else is neutral. So if I do bright lip color, then the rest of my face is neutral. If I have on pink eye shadow, I’ll do green jewelry but I’ll have on a plain dress to balance it out.

As for which colors to pick, I normally have on blue, because it’s my favorite color. But really, I likely have pieces in every color in the rainbow or on a tropical bird. The love for sparkle comes from the sun–big, glowy, and warm.

Combine all these elements together and when you see my accessories + fashion picks, it all makes sense.

My favorite thing, though? Flowers. Part of the reason I love flowers so much is because they tend to pop up anywhere. Barren sidewalk? Hey, it’s a dandelion peeking through the cracks! Driving on the highway? Look on your left! See the bright blue flowers tucked in the grass? (I think they’re bluebells, but don’t quote me on that.).

I have a million flower clips for my hair, and my earrings always have some kind of quirk to them: Storm (yep, from X-Men), owls, flower studs, huge hoops, sparkly drop or dangle earrings. Every bit of what I adorn myself with is about putting some visual interest into something plain.

In my younger years, my wanting to blend in years, I still loved having a pair of earrings on. It definitely wasn’t every day, unlike now where I feel naked without something dangling from my ear lobes.  Mostly it was just hoop earrings and a necklace. Just a little something, when I dared to be “fancy.” Again, putting some visual interest into something plain–me.

And now?

I wear a lot of jewelry, if I have the chance. I know the common rule is to take at least one thing off before you walk out the door, but when it comes to accessories, I believe less isn’t enough. Like magpies who swoop in to snatch something shiny, all things that glitter and sparkle make me the happiest. My favorite thing to do is wear a huge statement necklace and a glittery hair clip. In theory: OMG TOO MUCH, but on me? It just makes sense. A bold statement.

Which makes me stand out.

And I like that. A lot.

Change is good. 🙂


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