I was doing some online shopping, trying to relax, and remembered that, yet again, I haven’t really put anything for New York Comic Con (NYCC) together yet.

It’s in October, folks. I have no clue what I’m waiting on.

Since current events are overwhelming my circuits right now, I’m channeling some of this nervous energy into what I intend to wear for the 4 days I’m attending.

But first: storytime.

So, last Thursday I had the luck of having the day off from work. Oddly enough, this so happened to be the same time that NYCC tickets went on sale in downtown Manhattan.

Let’s pause a second.

Last year, when I wanted tickets, I walked into Forbidden Planet, purchased my tickets, and left. Time it took: about 10 minutes.

This year, I got up early, so I could be at Midtown Comics when it opened to purchase tickets. Time it took: about 9 1/2 hours.

Yes. You read that properly. 9 1/2 hours. And I got there way later than quite a few people. The first person to get his ticket had been camped out since 5am that WEDNESDAY.

Holy mackerel.

Now, despite the 4 block long line (!!!!!), I figured it wouldn’t take too long. I got there about 8am, perhaps 8:10. I fully expected to be in line about 4 hours or so. I mean, you go in, you get tickets, you leave. Not difficult, right?

This would be where we learned that people were only going in 10 at a time.

10. At. A. TIME! With a line that snaked through downtown.

I heaved a sigh. Ok then. I had myself a good breakfast, I had sunscreen and water, the iPad was charged (as was the iPod), phone was at the ready. I had time to take this selfie:


So, I had myself covered, right? I didn’t think the wait was bad until about 4 hours in and we’d only moved maybe a 1 1/2 blocks. At this point we hear a small commotion at the end of the line–they capped the line. Now we’re worried: will there be tickets? Don’t worry, attendants in the line assured us. There will be tickets for all of you. Well, yes, but which ones are still available?

No one knew. Whoa.

So, I yank out my phone and get on Twitter. Some folks around me mumbled that perhaps they’d try to get the coveted 3 day tickets on Friday instead.

Then I see the tweet: all the other Midtown locations will not be getting those. Apparently they funneled them to this store. I make this announcement, and shortly thereafter, one of the attendants confirm. Sighs are heaved, and we turn back around to wait. We shuffle an inch, and then I see another tweet:

3 day tickets are sold out. I announce this as well. People look to the attendant for confirmation.


Well, damn.

Now people are moving along, because they wanted 3 day tickets, and they figure if the three day tickets are gone, the 4 day will be soon, too. That’s what I wanted, so I figured I’d stand in line till I hear otherwise.

About 4 hours later, I’m rounding the last corner to take me to the doors. I hear attendants say: 4 day tickets are left! Don’t worry. Folks are passing round extra water, going on 7-11 runs, ordering pizza (seriously). I finally make it to the top, and leave with my prize. And I realize the time: 5:33pm.(My phone is done on juice at this point.) Basically, that’s a whole shift for me. Good heavens.

I tell my fellow geeks good bye and go get a pedicure and a foot massage. I needed it. 🙂

And here I am! Still stunned I got tickets, amazed I waited that long (I will NOT be doing that foolishness next year!), and stuck on what to wear. Maybe this on Thursday, at least:

Fullscreen capture 8112014 92332 PM.bmp

How cute is this, right? Get it here, if you love it too. I’d pair this with a denim vest and some sneakers for comfort. Thursday is my shopping and panel day, so I want to be cute and comfy. I spoke about one of the costumes I wanted to do before, but I may put that on hold for…

Lady Joker.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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