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So, normally this is when you see my weekly manicure.

Well, I went back to yoga yesterday, and let me just say that my ass is sufficiently kicked.

I’ll finish up the post tonight so you’ll have it tomorrow. In the meantime, have a pic of what I used for my newest look:


Yep, the rings are important too. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Nail Adventures

New Goodies: Glossybox Review

I love it when I come home to a box of goodies. Makes me feel like Christmas came early. 🙂


And this month’s box was curated by Harper’s Bazaar. Which means bring on the luxury items!



So, I got some things I already own (*giggle*) and some things I have been wanting to pick up but hadn’t. SO excited about this box. So, I’ll separate this into stuff I have, stuff I didn’t, and stuff I’ve been wanting to try. Let’s get to it!

First up: Vichy LiftActiv Night. I have this. I have the day, the night, the eye, AND the serum. Why is that? Because I work in beauty, I have the opportunity to sell this everyday. So, if you got this in your Glossybox and you’re wondering if it’s worth it to get it: GO BUY THE DAMN THING. And get the day cream, eye cream, and serum while you’re at it. While this is not for me (my focus when it comes to my skin is acne and oil control), my clients have had some amazing results from it. If you’re in the market for some powerhouse anti-aging skincare, go get it. You won’t regret it.

Second: Essie Nail Polish in Madison Ave-Hue. Of course I own this. I even have two other Essie colors dangerously close to this shade. And I am excited as I don’t know what because if it’s discontinued: I’ll have spare bottle! 😀 Score!

Stuff I didn’t have: did y’all know Bulgari had conditioner? I sure didn’t. And this smells so good, omg! I’m due for my weekly hair washing, and I cannot wait to comb this through my curls. It smells like green tea and sunshine.

Stuff I’ve been wanting to try: Benefit’s It’s Real! Mascara. I have been hearing so many mixed reviews on if it’s worth it, I’ve been hesitant to try it. And now I don’t have to get a full bottle of something I may not want.

And finally, OCC Lip Tar. Now, the insert said that I was supposed to get a different color, but this one is just perfect. I swatched my hand and fell in love, and hopefully will get to showcase a look with it soon.

That’s it! This box was an all around win. 😀


Nail Adventures: Rawr

Looks like animal print will be all the rage for fall!

Cue a million pieces of zebra/leopard/giraffe/etc. printed EVERYTHING for me to wear.

That, for me, is quite scary.

Animal print is one of those things I love to see other people rock but on me…it just makes my brain short circuit. I always feel like it’s too much or that it’s overwhelming.

So, I break it down into something bite sized for me to handle. I have, for example, a flowy vest with leopard print on it, and giraffe printed sandals.

I stick with accessories. And what better to accessorize than my nails?

I found an adorable set of Sally Hansen nail stickers, and they were on sale. Naturally, that meant that I had to have them, because sale!

What? Don’t judge me! 😀


How cute are those? I had to have them. The three longer packs will be a part of my Halloween set of manicures coming next month (get ready!), but the tiny one in the front? I had to jump on that one ASAP. I decided to use the stickers on 8 nails and do a freehand design on the ring fingers.



The name of print is called Fl-Roar-Al. Cute, right? Just enough animal print to make me comfortable. I did a couple of freehand flowers on the ring fingers, just to keep with the theme. Bonus: the decals have a blend of zebra and leopard. As I can use 1 decal for 2 nails, my right hand has majority leopard and my left hand (pictured) has majority zebra. So cool.

I love how this one came out!

Nail Adventures

Monday Motivation

Mondays are hard to deal with.

Either you had an awesome weekend, and you want to continue to bask in the glow that comes from it, or you had a horrid weekend, and the fact you have to go to work today and tell people (or not tell people) about it makes you want to call out sick.

Maybe you worked the whole weekend, and you still have a few days yet until you can have a day off to enjoy your life. Or do laundry/grocery shop/wash dishes. And Monday is just another day in the way.

You can do this.

Monday isn’t your worst enemy.

Life isn’t either.

No matter how rough this day can get, or how rough the week can stack up, you can handle every obstacle thrown at you.

You can make your appointments, make it through the appointments, handle the day’s tasks AND get dinner ready.

Your boss won’t work your nerve today, and even if said boss does, you’re gonna handle it with the class, grace, and dignity you always have.

You’ll be able to ask for what you want or what you need. Even if you don’t get it, your boundaries are set and now you can work towards the end goal.

You can do this.

Grab your coffee, your tea, your juice. Have a delicious breakfast, and take a deep cleansing breath in and out.

You got this.

You’re bigger than any issue that comes towards you. Let your self doubts know the deal.

Have a positive day!


Uptown Fashion Week: The Recap!

So, last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend one of 4 fashion shows hosted at Uptown Fashion Week. There was a plus size show I ended up missing because it was too far away ( 😦 ) but I did get to see the huge 11 designer extravaganza. Super cool and excited.

One of the best parts was that all of the designers were Latino. I love the idea of inclusivity in fashion, and that extends to both the models (which were diverse) and the designers.

If I had to have a quibble with this show (and I might add, this is the first time I’ve had to attend UFW) is that if it’s going to be that many designers, it should a) start on time and b) have snacks.

Just some constructive criticism. 🙂

The showings from each designer were beautiful. Without further ado: Enjoy the fashion!



A note here about the next pic and video: the designer sent out the models like this:


And then, this happened:

Super cool, right? Totally unexpected, and the clothes were gorgeous. Also, here’s the final collection that had that awesome intro I showed you yesterday:



Outside of the minor quibbles, it was a lovely showing, and I had a great time!

Fashion Show

Uptown Fashion Week Recap: Sneak Peek!

Hey lovelies!

So, I’ve been in the bed sleeping off my cold.

I hate being sick. I smell like the medicine cabinet and sound like I’ve been gargling gravel.


Anyhow, I’m still sorting through pictures. I attended one of the shows for Uptown Fashion week last week, and I wanted to share this video I took of the last designer of the night. SO beautiful, and sparkly and lovely.

And that wasn’t even a part of the line being shown! Pretty hot, right?

See you tomorrow with the round-up!

Fashion Show

Plus Night Out–The Recap

Positive energy makes me as happy as shopping does. When I can get both combined into one event? Score!

And I didn’t want to enjoy it all by myself (who would?) So, I called up my hard working, dissertation writing friend and got her out of the house for a day of shopping and her first NYC fashion show.

Let me just say—Plus Night Out was AWESOME! We had delicious sangria, tasty snacks, and even bitty banana pudding cupcakes.


The fashion didn’t disappoint, either.

I love that this season isn’t filled with only muted neutrals. There’s nothing wrong with muted neutrals, of course. But since I wear the favored neutral all the time (black), I am always looking for more color in my life.

Speaking of color, here I am before the show:


I have on a super colorful dress from ASOS Curve. I love a good swing dress because they are so comfortable and breathable!

Ready? Let’s go!






Gonna interject here and say how much I love hooded tops. So chic! My favorite showing of the night was from Jon Marc. I showed you the intro to the line Monday, and here are my favorite pieces from the line:





I wanted EVERYTHING in this line! OMG, y’all. The cream with the yellow plaid? I do not care if it’s after Labor Day, I will wear that to the grocery store!

It was a wonderful night, and we had an amazing time. Definitely looking forward to next year’s show!

Fashion Show Positivity Shopping

Nail Adventures: Fall Simplicity

Fall is upon us here in NYC. The temps have dropped, but it’s still nice enough to only need a light sweater.

Oh, fall. This is the time of year I love, rivaled only by the time between winter and spring. You know, that time when it’s not too hot, not too cold?


And so, now is the perfect time to put away some of my brights, and start experimenting with some darker colors. I wanted something neutral (shocker, right? 🙂 ) with just a touch of color. I wanted something classic, as I feel as though that’s where my style is taking me this season.

Don’t worry. I’ll have a post up on my fall picks soon enough. 🙂 But first: let me show you my nail selfie:



I used Julep’s Lois (pale pink) with some loose glitter I had in my arsenal (I think it’s some old body glitter that I never actually used for a makeup look I wanted for Halloween) over Julep’s Mona (dark grey creme). I didn’t even use a striping brush (although you could for even more precision), I just turned the brush on its side and made a quick stripe, then laid a little glitter over the top for a subtle touch of sparkle.

Sometimes, all you need is simple.

Nail Adventures

Sneak Peek of Plus Night Out Recap!

It’s going to be live on Wednesday, but I just had to share with y’all this video I shot during the show. This is the intro to the Jon Marc showing, and the designer gave me LIFE!

This was actually my favorite line of the evening. I am still watermarking pictures and fixing blurriness, so have this fierce intro till the post is up Wednesday!

Fashion Show

Fashion Week Posts Coming Soon!

I am busy sorting through the many pictures I took during my New York Fashion Week adventures.

Why do I take so many pics, y’all? Why?!

Heh, I know why. I want to make you feel like you were there with me, so these next posts will not only have pictures but some video taken right from my chair. Hopefully the site won’t argue with my wanting to share!

Have this picture of me at Plus Night Out until I can finish watermarking everything:


See you next week!

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