This month’s Glossybox brought announcement of their third birthday. With this came an awesome box of goodies (including nail polish!)

Ready? Here we go!



What did I get? Here’s the full rundown and initial reaction:

1. Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Liner—I am pretty excited to try this. Liquid liner is my favorite liner to use because it looks so good on and it lasts a long time. Pencils confound me; I always end up stabbing myself in the eye with them, but liquid gives me the crisp lines I love. I have a fashion show to attend *checks clock* tomorrow evening, so I’d like to see how it holds up for the day. For those of you who happen to be liquid liner rookies: I recommend a liner like this one (it looks like a magic marker) because it’s easier to use. If you can draw a line on paper, you can draw a line on your eye!

2. Lamoon Beauty Precision Nail Lacquer in Trillion Dollar Red—The packaging reminds me of Orly a bit. And I love Orly polish. In my non superficial (*snicker*) opinion, I bet it’ll be awesome! I’m looking forward to working this into the rotation. Bonus: the insert tells me that it’s 4 free, cruelty free, and eco-friendly.

3. Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere—I got to wear this when I was out the other day, and it’s so beautiful! It gives the most delightful glow without looking wet or greasy. I tend to have that problem because of my oily skin–as much as I love shimmer, the moment I put it on my face I look like an oil slick. Not sexy. This goes on smooth, with a powdery finish that gives a beautiful glow.

4. Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream—Since skincare is what I do best, I was excited to try this out! This product is hydrating without feeling heavy, and it did make my skin feel firmer. Bonus: it doesn’t smell perfume laden; it’s rather fresh smelling.

5 & 6. Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner—It’s wash day this week, so I’m taking these for a test drive later on this week. The insert tells me it has royal jelly, blueberry, apple, sugarcane, green tea, lemon peel, and keratin. All of this fruit and it doesn’t smell like the fruit basket! Hooray! It’s also supposed to detangle, and that’s a great thing because I eternally have knots in my curls. I’ll report back!

And there you have it! The rundown of this month’s Glossybox. Loving everything sent; hoping everything is a winner!

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