I have been seeing it all over the place. Or rather, not seeing it.

Let me explain.

The manicure look du jour is the idea of negative space. A stripe, a triangle, zig zag, whatever tickles your fancy in the middle of the color of your choice. Maybe it’s an invisible French tip, maybe it’s a half moon at the base of the nail. But it’s your nail shining through, and your polish surrounds the design.

Pretty cool, huh?

I feel like every time I try to use my striping guides, I end up ruining my nails because I am too anxious to bother to wait until the base layer completely dries. Therefore, when I want to reveal the colorful striping design underneath another color, I end up with naked nail because the nail guide pulls my polish off of my nails.

I won’t have that problem this time! This look works even for the impatient because the look is in the naked nail beneath. For my first attempt, I went simple and used French manicure nail guides to add a wide sloping line in the center of my nails. Since I had a fashion show to go to yesterday (and another one tonight,) I decided to keep the colors fairly neutral;pink and a bright gold accent nail. Of course I had to do rhinestones as well. 

You know I have to have my dose of sparkle. 🙂

The results?



I used Julep’s Lois (pale pink creme shimmer) on 8 nails, and Julep’s Sienna (bright gold metallic shimmer) on my ring fingers. I LOVE this manicure! Quick, easy, and gorgeous. For a holiday party, I could totally do this in all metallic and add the rhinestones on all 10 nails.

Sometimes negative space can be a good thing, huh? 😀

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