Looks like animal print will be all the rage for fall!

Cue a million pieces of zebra/leopard/giraffe/etc. printed EVERYTHING for me to wear.

That, for me, is quite scary.

Animal print is one of those things I love to see other people rock but on me…it just makes my brain short circuit. I always feel like it’s too much or that it’s overwhelming.

So, I break it down into something bite sized for me to handle. I have, for example, a flowy vest with leopard print on it, and giraffe printed sandals.

I stick with accessories. And what better to accessorize than my nails?

I found an adorable set of Sally Hansen nail stickers, and they were on sale. Naturally, that meant that I had to have them, because sale!

What? Don’t judge me! 😀


How cute are those? I had to have them. The three longer packs will be a part of my Halloween set of manicures coming next month (get ready!), but the tiny one in the front? I had to jump on that one ASAP. I decided to use the stickers on 8 nails and do a freehand design on the ring fingers.



The name of print is called Fl-Roar-Al. Cute, right? Just enough animal print to make me comfortable. I did a couple of freehand flowers on the ring fingers, just to keep with the theme. Bonus: the decals have a blend of zebra and leopard. As I can use 1 decal for 2 nails, my right hand has majority leopard and my left hand (pictured) has majority zebra. So cool.

I love how this one came out!

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