Nail Adventures: Negative Space

I have been seeing it all over the place. Or rather, not seeing it.

Let me explain.

The manicure look du jour is the idea of negative space. A stripe, a triangle, zig zag, whatever tickles your fancy in the middle of the color of your choice. Maybe it’s an invisible French tip, maybe it’s a half moon at the base of the nail. But it’s your nail shining through, and your polish surrounds the design.

Pretty cool, huh?

I feel like every time I try to use my striping guides, I end up ruining my nails because I am too anxious to bother to wait until the base layer completely dries. Therefore, when I want to reveal the colorful striping design underneath another color, I end up with naked nail because the nail guide pulls my polish off of my nails.

I won’t have that problem this time! This look works even for the impatient because the look is in the naked nail beneath. For my first attempt, I went simple and used French manicure nail guides to add a wide sloping line in the center of my nails. Since I had a fashion show to go to yesterday (and another one tonight,) I decided to keep the colors fairly neutral;pink and a bright gold accent nail. Of course I had to do rhinestones as well. 

You know I have to have my dose of sparkle. 🙂

The results?



I used Julep’s Lois (pale pink creme shimmer) on 8 nails, and Julep’s Sienna (bright gold metallic shimmer) on my ring fingers. I LOVE this manicure! Quick, easy, and gorgeous. For a holiday party, I could totally do this in all metallic and add the rhinestones on all 10 nails.

Sometimes negative space can be a good thing, huh? 😀

Nail Adventures

Happy Birthday, Glossybox!

This month’s Glossybox brought announcement of their third birthday. With this came an awesome box of goodies (including nail polish!)

Ready? Here we go!



What did I get? Here’s the full rundown and initial reaction:

1. Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Liner—I am pretty excited to try this. Liquid liner is my favorite liner to use because it looks so good on and it lasts a long time. Pencils confound me; I always end up stabbing myself in the eye with them, but liquid gives me the crisp lines I love. I have a fashion show to attend *checks clock* tomorrow evening, so I’d like to see how it holds up for the day. For those of you who happen to be liquid liner rookies: I recommend a liner like this one (it looks like a magic marker) because it’s easier to use. If you can draw a line on paper, you can draw a line on your eye!

2. Lamoon Beauty Precision Nail Lacquer in Trillion Dollar Red—The packaging reminds me of Orly a bit. And I love Orly polish. In my non superficial (*snicker*) opinion, I bet it’ll be awesome! I’m looking forward to working this into the rotation. Bonus: the insert tells me that it’s 4 free, cruelty free, and eco-friendly.

3. Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere—I got to wear this when I was out the other day, and it’s so beautiful! It gives the most delightful glow without looking wet or greasy. I tend to have that problem because of my oily skin–as much as I love shimmer, the moment I put it on my face I look like an oil slick. Not sexy. This goes on smooth, with a powdery finish that gives a beautiful glow.

4. Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream—Since skincare is what I do best, I was excited to try this out! This product is hydrating without feeling heavy, and it did make my skin feel firmer. Bonus: it doesn’t smell perfume laden; it’s rather fresh smelling.

5 & 6. Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner—It’s wash day this week, so I’m taking these for a test drive later on this week. The insert tells me it has royal jelly, blueberry, apple, sugarcane, green tea, lemon peel, and keratin. All of this fruit and it doesn’t smell like the fruit basket! Hooray! It’s also supposed to detangle, and that’s a great thing because I eternally have knots in my curls. I’ll report back!

And there you have it! The rundown of this month’s Glossybox. Loving everything sent; hoping everything is a winner!


More Updates and Newness!

Hey people! As you can see, I had a bit of a fall makeover here at Evolution of a Fat Fashionista. I decided to upload a theme that makes it easy to read whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or phone, and made sure to put all of the social links right at the top so you can see all of the things I am on, and follow to your heart’s content.

As a recap, I am on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and today I am premiering the Facebook page! Please like me and share with your friends!

Later on today, I will have this month’s Glossybox review, and next week I have a pretty epic story post surrounding my travel back to New York.

Its…interesting. To say the least.

Other upcoming features: a fall shopping post, a foundation workshop (post that will become a video), fall nail looks, and other things I’m keeping a secret.

Can’t spoil ALL the fun! 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me, and do remember: the best is yet to come! 🙂

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Nail Adventures: Semi-Matte

I have done all types of nail art styles: from Lego to flowers to glittery bits. The last frontier for me: matte nails.

I love all things sparkly. I have matte lipsticks; I put gloss over them. I have matte eye shadows; I use them as base for shimmery shadows. Glossy things make me happy, and matte nails, for me, do not make me happy. It feels as though it is unfinished.

Yet, one does not grow without change. My hiatus has taught me that. Even if it is painful, even if it is the last thing one wishes to do, one has to embrace change for what it is–better or worse.

So, I decided to grab myself so matte topcoat and give the look a try. If I don’t like it, well, that’s what nail polish remover is for. 🙂

Since I am in Texas on vacation, I had the chance to stop by Wal-Mart and see their nail polish selection. I do love a good deal. I picked up a new to me brand called Salon Perfect. I grabbed their matte topcoat and a beautiful bright blue called Bermuda Baby. It took me 3 coats to get it opaque. I also picked up some Maybelline Color Show polish in Nightlife Noise. This is from their Street Art collection, and it’s full of matte confetti that looks like paint splatter when layered over a polish. This one is a mix of black and royal blue confetti.


The result?



I opted to keep the ring fingers glossy, and I applied Nightlife Noise over two coats of Essie’s Licorice.

The verdict? It’s ok. I’m not 100% sold on it, but I think if I try it again I may use the matte topcoat over actual glitter and see how that effect strikes me. I am glad I gave it a try. 🙂

Nail Adventures Reviews


I live! I know, I kinda fell off the face of the internet there for a bit. I had a million things going on offline (not bad, just unexpected), and now I have the time to catch up on things.

Vacation is awesome like that. Even better because I am not in my apartment.

So I have time to rest and breathe, and catch up on things.

My video: so, I filmed this pretty simple tutorial three times and realized you could see up my nose on the third and best take. I opted to walk away from that for a bit till I can get a better and larger tripod (later this week.) Don’t worry, the YouTube is not abandoned! Just getting more equipment to make it even better. 🙂

Later this week, you will notice the site design will change, so as to include the YouTube link and the new Facebook fan page (coming Friday!) 

And finally, you will get some fresh content this week, including a new Nail Adventure as well as a piece on shopping someone else’s closet. Next week, you’ll get footage of some fashion events I will be attending for Fashion Week.

I think that’s all of the new stuff headed y’all’s way. 🙂 My current situation is my legs propped up on the sofa watching Pioneer Woman on Food Network. About to do my nails, of course.  See you tomorrow!

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