…how about getting a new book to read?

So, I was contacted by the lovely Leila Lacey about reviewing one of her books. And as I’m reading her email and I see it’s romance I’m all..

Ew.*eye roll*

Yes, yes, not a fan of romance novels. But hear me out, because there’s a good reason for that.

All the heroines in the typical romance novels are the same. They’re all in need of some type of rescue, and are usually thin, busty, and blonde. As if people of color just do. not. exist! in this world of romance.

And I just can’t relate to that. It’s hard to understand what love and romance looks like to Black folks when they aren’t properly represented in these types of novels. It’s easy to dismiss these things as fluff, but the problem is that even in fluff I’d love to have equal representation. That’s it. It’s good to know that we too can be sexy beings.

But Ms. Lacey’s novels are different. These are Black (!!!) women, successful in their own right, and get this…

They’re all curvy, plus sized women. Thank heavens! I won’t say these characters are perfect (Vixen, from the novel I read, has some body issues) but that is part of the charm. These are women that I can relate to because I know (and have been!) that same woman.

Once I got to that part, I was all in for giving it a try.

I had the pleasure of getting a couple of the books from the Curvy Goddess series, and I have to admit: I’m both impressed and hooked.

So let’s talk about the first novel in the series, The Vixen. Ok, we have a successful businesswoman, Vixen, who has been carrying on an online relationship with a man, Daniel, for 6 months. They finally meet, and through a series of misunderstandings and misconceptions, have a hell of a time getting it together.

I have zero intent on telling y’all if they do finally get it together. Go read the book! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Did I mention you can get it for free? See, you have nothing to lose! Go here and get yourself a copy.

Sidebar: I saw a lot of designers name dropped in this novel that I wasn’t sure if they did plus size clothes, but listen. I’d pay GOOD MONEY  to get a hold of some of that swag that Vixen rocked in there. #Plussizeplease, D&G!

If you’re in the Northeast, please get indoors from this storm and stay safe. Get a new book! You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure!

Disclaimer: This novel was provided to me for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

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