Look What I Got!

Hi Lovelies!

I almost forgot to show y’all one of the other things I bought when I was indulging in retail therapy:


I am so excited! I have been playing with this and I can’t wait to show you the results.

Until then, stay beautiful!

Retail Therapy Shopping

Nail Adventures: Darker Colors of the Season

Hi Lovelies!

Amid my funk one particular weekend, I ended up buying some new polishes. Being a rebel, I decided that I would pick some colors I would never normally wear. It’s a tactic I suggest to my clients at work who are looking for a change of pace, so I figured I would apply it to myself.

I am no stranger to black nail polish, but I rarely wear it by itself. More often, it is worn as a complimentary color. For example:


These are the nails I did for day two of Comic Con, inspired by Harley Quinn. It’s how I prefer to wear my black. I did do black and purple for the first day, but it only stayed till I got home and redid them. So, in my Julep Maven box for this month, I got these two colors:


On the left is Aisha and on the right is Alexandra. I can’t even explain how far out of my comfort zone these colors are. I prefer wild, bright colors, and my neutrals tend towards red or pink. These colors? I don’t know. But I kept the box and tried Aisha first. I paired it with these two colors:


Left side is Orly’s Luxe and the right side is OPI’s Wonderous Star (Mariah Carey collection). The glitter is gold and black, by the way, although in certain light it does look silver. The finished look?


It grew on me. The berry color is really pretty, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it.  Next look will be using the beige. Not sure how I’ll swing it, but I’m up for the challenge!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures Retail Therapy Shopping

Quick Hit: New Shoes!

Hi lovelies! I decided to do some housework today, so the manicure will have to wait. I nearly forgot I have class tonight! In the meantime, I did go shoe shopping, and picked up a pair that I said I wanted in my last post:


The blue isn’t as bright as it is in the picture online, but that’s ok, as I will be able to coordinate it with more outfits that way. Ok, off to get ready for class. New manicure post should be up by Wednesday. Until then, stay beautiful!

Shoes Shopping

OMG Shoes!

Fall is upon us, and now is a good excuse for me to fill my newly cleaned out closet with brand new shoes.

Quite frankly, I have no idea why I bother to clean it out if only to refill it, but hey. We all have our vices.

This season, I am all over oxfords. I love them so, so much. I spent about an hour today pinning some new shoes on Pinterest, and I thought I’d share a few pairs I’m lusting for with you. 


This first pair is from JustFab. A quick review: I am a big fan of JustFab, because if the shoe doesn’t work, you can return it for free and get a different size. As I have a shoe size that almost no retailer seems to carry (what? do folks with size 10 1/2 feet not exist?!) being able to try things on and return them is key. And this peep toe oxford gives me life, y’all! It’s on my wishlist.


This pair is from Steve Madden. So, if you’ve noticed the nail designs I do, then you’ll be able to guess I love sparkly things. I have been looking for an excuse to buy these, and well, I decided that I didn’t need one. Sparkly things make me happy, and I should buy things that make me happy every now and again. And!! They’re on sale for $48.98, which gives me even more reason to pick them up.


Another pair from JustFab. Despite the fact I tend to be stretched quite thin with extra time, I really want these shoes so I’ll have an excuse to go out and show off. Also, the majority of my shoe collection is black (it’s all I am allowed to wear for work), so I love having an excuse to put on a color and show off!


And finally, there’s this oxford from Payless I have my eye on. I read the reviews, and you know? I’m a little worried, but I figure I’ll go by the store and take a look at them. The blue (favorite color!) makes me happy, and I’d love to pair them with some ankle pants and argyle socks. Should I pick them up, I’ll put a picture of them up on my Instagram (go follow me!)

And that’s it! I am attempting ombre nails for the first time this weekend, and I’ll have the results Monday. Until then, stay beautiful!

Shoes Shopping