Getting Crafty: The Christmas Edition–Quick Hit

Alright, I’m likely going to postpone the dramatic conclusion of this series next week, when I get the rest of my supplies.

But I’ve still got a little something to tide you over until then.

So, we decided to Secret Santa at work, and we had a limit of $20 to spend.

I didn’t even have to spend that much. I had all the supplies I needed. I took this:


Don’t mind the Theraflu. I’m fighting another cold.

And I made it into this:



Pretty cool, huh? I hope my recipient likes it!

See you next week!


Nerdy Girl Adventures: When Costuming Goes Awry…

So today marks my official countdown to New York Comic Con (NYCC). In two days, I’ll be a part of a huge gathering of fellow nerds, comic enthusiasts, cosplayers, and more. Four days of amazing makeup, costumes, comics, and panels await me. I’m almost ready for it all, but…

I decided to change my showpiece costume on Saturday.

See, I have a habit of doing this. For Full Figured Fashion Week earlier this year, I spent the entire day altering a jumpsuit and making a jacket to wear to a fashion show. Then, at the last minute, I decided to wear something else.

I don’t know why I do this to myself, I really don’t.

Saturday, as it poured a doggone zoo outside my window, I decided that maybe I didn’t really want to do Lady Joker. I mean, I’d sourced almost every piece except the vest. No, I don’t need a vest (I’ve seen some cosplayers go without), but I really, REALLY wanted one.

I wanted it to the point where I combed the far corners of the Internet to find one. Nothing. Then I wanted some other odds and ends to add on–pocket watches and such. Couldn’t find that for a decent price. I started to get frustrated.I tried everything on. Maybe I could cut a couple of elements out. I went back and forth to my sketches, and I realized something.

If I couldn’t match that picture, I don’t want to do it. I hate that I’m like that, but I had a vision that I just couldn’t bring about this year. That’s why you won’t get to see the sketch, either. I want it to be a surprise!

So, I have every other outfit planned out, pieces sourced, but Saturday’s costume, my showpiece? Gone.

And then I got an idea and spent another 5 hours sourcing pieces for it. Hopefully they’ll be at my house when I get home from work so I can start.

All of this to say: don’t be me, folks. If you’re doing NYCC this year, and you’re dressing, you’re laughing at me right now for waiting till the last minute to change my costume.If it’s your first year and you’re still planning: solidarity high five! But don’t do this again. Have your stuff ready so you can, like, sleep the night before your first day. Luckily, I don’t plan on wearing this costume till Saturday (and both Thursday and Friday’s outfits are completely done) so I can work on it after I get home those nights. But I hate to rush. I like to tweak here and there, and now I really don’t have the wiggle room for that.

So now, if you follow me on Twitter, you understand a bit about my mini rant I went on Saturday. 😀

For the rest of this week: it will be filled with my NYCC preparations, and I’ll be sharing my crafty bits along the way. Hopefully, I can get y’all an early start on Halloween.

See you tomorrow!


Fashion Week Posts Coming Soon!

I am busy sorting through the many pictures I took during my New York Fashion Week adventures.

Why do I take so many pics, y’all? Why?!

Heh, I know why. I want to make you feel like you were there with me, so these next posts will not only have pictures but some video taken right from my chair. Hopefully the site won’t argue with my wanting to share!

Have this picture of me at Plus Night Out until I can finish watermarking everything:


See you next week!

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Fatshionista Vacation: Full Figured Fashion Week: Shoe Catastrophe

Wednesday, I spent the day soaking up some good plus size fashion.

Full Figured Fashion Week (FFF Week hereafter) started Monday, but my first day of events was yesterday.

So, yesterday morning, I headed into the city to attend a seminar on social media. It covered how to work it and how to make it work for you: approaching brands and how to build your own brand.

It was hosted by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, and the panel included some top brands and bloggers in the game:


It was highly informative, and I will be using what I learned to make this blog even better for y’all. 🙂

The shoe catastrophe happened on the way to the venue.

So I’m walking down the block in a pair of espadrilles I’ve had for years. As I get to the building, I hear a soft, but still audible, rip. I pause.

I’ll mention here I had to come through a construction site to get to the venue.

Now, I’m thinking I have ripped my dress. I start to panic and feel myself up on the pavement, checking for skin showing that ought not be. Nothing. Hmm, odd. Maybe it wasn’t me.

I take a step and feel a “flop” against my heel.

These are not flip flops I had on. These were heels. I look down.


Damn it. Sigh. 😦 I love these shoes, but the left one was completely wrecked. Luckily, I had a pair of actual flip flops in my bag. After the seminar, I decided to stop and pick up some glue to repair my shoe. I then got a good look at the right one. It’s starting to come apart too! Unbelievable.

The heat yesterday would not have allowed the glue to set properly, and I had another event to get to. So what did I do instead?

I stopped by Payless and got some new shoes:


I wanted them in this cool aqua, but they didn’t have my size. 😦 Neutral worked just as well. With new shoes on, I headed to my second event: Curves Rule Everything Around Me (CREAM) Pop Up Shop. Presented by Nicole Grier of Feminine Funk. It was hosted by Chante of Everything Curvy and Chic and Peggy of On the Q Train. It was an evening of shopping, food, and drinks:


I had the honor of meeting the owner of Black Sheep Cosmetics, and I was her very first customer! The whole crew was super sweet, and I can’t wait to show off the blue lipstick I purchased.

Tonight is the Curves in the City trunk show, and I am excited to wear an outfit that scares me to death but looks good at the same time.

No spoilers! Unless you follow me on Instagram. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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Nails of Literature: The Lorax, or, How To Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Author’s Note: I don’t advise having anything to drink or eat while reading this post, because you may choke on it from laughter. And I like you! So please, proceed with caution. Oh, and there’s some mildly NSFW language in here too.

I had to delay this post by a day because I wanted to make sure that I could capture the full goodness of this nail art.



Some background: ordinarily when I do posts, I usually write up drafts of them and leave them in the folder to finish later. Maybe I need to add pictures if it’s a nail art or crafting post, or I need to add links for a shopping post. So, for the Nails of Literature series, I have all of the posts planned out. I may switch the order in which I do the art, but it’s the same works.

Until this week, that is.

This is what happens when you deviate from the plan.

I originally had a different work planned for this week, but since this week’s post would fall on Earth Day, I thought that I would switch to one of my favorite children’s books: The Lorax. I love the book, the movie was cute, and the message is on point even for today. I did a little research and found a tutorial that looked like I could handle it. Pretty straightforward, and I had all the tools at my disposal.

Here, have a look (don’t worry, I’ll wait):

How cute is that, right? Now, since I was able to pull off Pacman nails, this ought to be challenging, but doable, right? Hell no. Hell NO. This did not go right at ALL. This look took the longest to do (3 attempts over about 3 1/2 hours) and I didn’t even come close to what the amazing artist above did. What I was left with was two things: 1) a mess:


And 2) this look:


Now, I’m eating cereal as I write this, and almost snorted a Honeycomb up my nose when I put this pic in.

Oh, boy. This did NOT go well. And this was the third and BEST attempt at this nail art.

*sad trombone* 😦

The idea here was to do the Lorax and the truffula trees, and to add the picture of a factory creating smoke (Pointer finger. Yes. Yes, that is indeed what that’s supposed to be. Don’t rub it in!) Grand idea, E for effort, F for execution.

So, why even show y’all this?

Well, I haven’t been doing actual nail art for long (a few months) and only recently have I been really digging into what I can do. The point of showing you the above fail is so that you know: even the folks that love it, and are relatively gifted at it, get it wrong sometimes.

And this doesn’t just apply to nail art either.

We are human. And it is hard for us as humans to admit we are taking on more than we can handle. So we try to push through it, as if forcing ourselves into tight spots will make us adapt quicker.

And that’s why you have that…abstract (*gigglesnort*) version of the Lorax up there. That was the THIRD attempt. I should have been done after the first, but I didn’t want to let it beat me. I am the nail guru!

Ha! I’m good, but not that good. And that isn’t to say I won’t be one day. I’m just not there yet.

If you have an issue you’re tackling out there, be mindful that you may not get it the first (or third) time you try. There’s no shame in having to step away, ask for help, and work slowly towards getting it right. It will come. But anything worth having is worth fighting and planning for, not rushing towards. Be encouraged! 🙂

Oh, and what nail look did I do for the week? Cause y’all know I didn’t leave the house with my hands like that.

Y’all saw it already. It was yesterday’s post. 😀

Hope this brought a smile to your face. Happy Wednesday!

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