Nerdy Girl Adventures: Things To Remember For NYCC

Last year, at my first Comic Con, I made several rookie mistakes.

1. I didn’t stop by the ATM before getting there.

2. I didn’t bring snacks.

3. I didn’t map out a planned touring route.

4. I didn’t bring my phone charger.

I did do a couple of things right, though.

1. Wore comfortable shoes.

2. Made a budget.

So tonight, when I get home from work, I am going to make sure I stock my bag with things I need to make it through NYCC unscathed. So, here are the dos and donts of NYCC:

1. Read this. If you think this is unfair or unnecessary, stay home. Don’t want to click? Here’s the short version of what’s at the link: don’t be an ass.

2. Bring water. Its $6 a bottle there. For the little bottle. Bring your own and refill at the water fountains.

3. Bring snacks. Pretzels are $4.50, and they aren’t the good kind. I keep bananas and such in my bag, and have a good breakfast before heading out.

4. Go to your bank’s ATM before getting to Javits. They do have ATMs there at the venue, but they pop you with a $3- $4 surcharge. Add on your bank’s fees, and it gets pretty steep. While we’re on the subject of money:

5. Make a budget. Particularly if you’re doing multiple days. There’s so many things and you want all of the things and the art and the books and and…you’re gonna be broke in an hour if you don’t budget. Seriously.

6. Make a plan for everything you want to see. There’s an app for that, and its really helpful for managing time. Running about all willy nilly will insure you won’t see everything. Honestly, I don’t think one CAN see everything, but there’s nothing wrong with trying.

7. Bring a charger or a backup battery. You will take pictures and video, you’re Instagramming and Facebooking and your phone will die. Now, there are plugs and charging stations, but please know you won’t be the only one caught out there with -5% battery trying to recharge. I have a quick charger like this that will fit right into my bag.

8. Wear comfortable shoes. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I saw so many cosplayers (both men and women) who bought shoes to fit the costume but not optimal for walking about all day. There were quite a few barefoot Catwomen by the time I left one day. I’m doing combat boots, loafers, and sneakers. Semi-flat, plenty of cushion, and they match my outfits perfectly.

9. Make sure you pack your ticket. Don’t leave it at home and think they’ll let you in. Yes, I saw this happen. And no, they won’t let you in anyway.

10. Have fun! My experience last year showed that people were wonderful and friendly, and all people I asked for a picture willingly allowed me to do so. (But for the love of fluffy kittens ASK FIRST! It’s rude not to!) It’s an experience like no other that I’ve had, and I enjoyed it so much last year I added two more days onto my fun this year.

Tomorrow starts my first day of NYCC, and I am so ready!  Please feel free to follow me on Twitter (@fashion_amateur) and Instagram (@evolvingfatshionista) to see things as I experience them.

See you tomorrow!

NYCC Shopping