Nail Adventures: Ombre Nails

Hi Lovelies!

I feel as though I was going to do an ombre nail look for ComicCon this year, and that never worked out. I ended up getting sick and needed something simpler to do.

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US (hi to my international readers!), so I figured I’d do something nice for the day. I’m not celebrating since I’ll be working (:|) but since my dinner is cooking away, why not do something to fill the time? Besides housework, of course.

I gathered all of my tools and got to work. I used CoverGirl Outlast Glosstinis in Rogue Red (it looks more orange on me), Revlon Colorstay in Velvet Rope, and Julep in Autumn, an awesome orange and bronze glitter.


Now: let’s talk technique. I found this awesome and well documented technique over at The Nailasaurus. And I’m thinking, shucks, this can’t be that hard. I can do this.

Oh, man. I can’t do that. I tried the type of sponge she had, I tried a cosmetic wedge…I just managed to get polish everywhere and no ombre! So, how did I end up with this awesome result?


I’m sure it’s a way many bloggers and nail artists have come up with, but the simplicity of how I did this made me giggle. So, I did two coats of my base color (the CoverGirl shade), and let it dry. Then I took the Revlon and painted from the center of the nail to the tip, and then…and this is key…I quickly painted the CoverGirl shade over it while it was still slightly wet. And look at that, an ombre! The color still being slightly wet is key to getting it to blend, otherwise you’ll get a look like this from the Beauty Department. It’s gorgeous, of course, but if you want more blending, you’ll need to do this while it’s still wet. It also helps that the CoverGirl shade is sheer at first coat, so it helps to blend without overpowering (I can’t speak to how this technique works with more opaque colors…at least not yet.)

And there we have it! I love this look, and hope to replicate it with some other colors. Now for sleep, and maybe I’ll put up a roundup of Black Friday sales later on tonight (a quickie: Ulta is having a nice doorbuster sale starting at midnight!) Until then, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures

Nail Adventures: 50 Shades of Grey and Silver

Hello Lovelies!

So, I should be doing some notes, homework, and preparing for a presentation for my Spanish class Monday.

But what am I actually doing? My nails, of course.

Don’t judge me. It’s my guilty pleasure! ­čÖé

So, in a previous post I mentioned how I didn’t really do super dark or super pale colors. I am still making it a point to step outside my comfort zone and use colors I don’t. So, here are the tools I used for tonight’s manicure:

photo (8)

That’s OPI’s Skull and Glossbones, Art Club’s Silver (the brush is super thin for detailing), and Red Carpet manicure’s nail glitter. I received the OPI polish some time ago in a holiday gift bag from work. This past summer I tried it on my toes and was, well, underwhelmed with the result. So, it sat on top of my dresser and gathered dust.

Today, I did some major housecleaning and found it. And I thought, since I am cleaning and doing something good, I’ll treat myself to a new manicure…but I can’t use the colors I always do! And here we are:

photo (9)

I love this manicure so, so much! Curse the yellow lighting in my room! It’s actually a lovely, creamy dove grey (took me three coats to get it this opaque.) I then tipped eight nails in the Art Club silver and put some fine face glitter (part of a set I got from Pop Beauty) over top, and put the chunkier silver Red Carpet Manicure glitter on my ring fingers. I drew a triangle with the silver polish before dipping my finger in the chunky glitter, and added a large rhinestone to top off the whole thing.

You’ll notice some of the glitter on the rest of my nail; that was dragged when I put the top coat on. But instead of making it look a hot mess (holy smokes was that a disaster of a manicure!) it just adds to the glitz. I’m tempted to try it with a more yellow based beige color and gold glitter to see if I like it as much.

Not exactly the way I was supposed to spend my Saturday night, but I love the result of the diversion! Until next time, stay beautiful!


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