Monday Motivation

Mondays are hard to deal with.

Either you had an awesome weekend, and you want to continue to bask in the glow that comes from it, or you had a horrid weekend, and the fact you have to go to work today and tell people (or not tell people) about it makes you want to call out sick.

Maybe you worked the whole weekend, and you still have a few days yet until you can have a day off to enjoy your life. Or do laundry/grocery shop/wash dishes. And Monday is just another day in the way.

You can do this.

Monday isn’t your worst enemy.

Life isn’t either.

No matter how rough this day can get, or how rough the week can stack up, you can handle every obstacle thrown at you.

You can make your appointments, make it through the appointments, handle the day’s tasks AND get dinner ready.

Your boss won’t work your nerve today, and even if said boss does, you’re gonna handle it with the class, grace, and dignity you always have.

You’ll be able to ask for what you want or what you need. Even if you don’t get it, your boundaries are set and now you can work towards the end goal.

You can do this.

Grab your coffee, your tea, your juice. Have a delicious breakfast, and take a deep cleansing breath in and out.

You got this.

You’re bigger than any issue that comes towards you. Let your self doubts know the deal.

Have a positive day!