Rhapsody in Blue

Greetings, my lovelies! So, yesterday I showed you one of my quick manis–the Sally Hansen nail strips in Vine and Dine. But then I thought…how can I make this better? Something out of the box (at least, for me?)

The answer? More nail polish!


 First, I started out with a coat of Frenzy by Orly on my pointer and ring fingers, and it was pretty.


But then I thought, more! I want more! Blue is my favorite color, and if I am going to do a predominately blue manicure, I need to go all in. So I added some stripes of Solitaire by OPI, and a few pearls. What I finished with surprised me:


 This is a look that makes me extremely happy (oh, goodness! So happy!) Now, I’m petrified I’m going to knock off one of the pearls on my pointer finger (retail wreaks havoc on hands), so I figure I should enjoy it while I can. The time it took wasn’t nearly as long as my freehand design, thanks to the strips. It’s definitely something I could do again, maybe with a darker color. Next nail look will definitely be fall inspired, and look for some Comic-Con themed nails in the upcoming weeks (yep, I live up to my pseudonym.)

Next post (should be around Friday), I am exploring fall shoes. I love shoes just as much as I do nails, so be ready!

That’s all from here tonight. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures

Vacation Nails

I’m not even sure why I’m calling these vacation nails because 1) vacation is almost over for me and 2) I just did them at around midnight 9/21, but hey. We’ll go with it.

So, more and more I have been wanting to learn how to do my own nail art because it’s really beautiful, but really expensive to get done at the nail salon. And while I am a lazy girl who would rather have someone else do it for me, my budget conscious side is telling me to do it myself. So, when I finally caught cabin fever Friday, I went out to Ulta to get some goodies for my nails.

Now, I have like 500 bottles of nail polish (no exaggeration), so I wanted some tools to work with. I ended up getting this 5 tool set from Red Carpet Manicure:


It’s a pretty basic set that includes a clean up brush, two sided dotting tool, striping brush, detail brush, and application brush. The application brush has a boxed end so that you can get a straight line for French manicures. I couldn’t decide what colors or design I wanted, and ended up making a big mess before it ended:


Ultimately, I ended up with these colors:


The base color was Evie from Julep, the stripes were Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not from OPI, and the dots were Revlon’s Black Lingerie. I use Essie’s Millionails as a base and Sally Hansen InstaDri for my topcoat. After about an hour and a half, here’s the end result:


I should have gone with a darker purple, but I like it! The brushes were easy to control ( I’m ambidextrous, but I favor my right hand), but I know I could use some more practice. I got compliments on them though, so I am well on my way! As much time as it took, I don’t know if it’s an every polish change look for me (I work retail and have to redo my nails about 3-4 times a week), but is great when I have time on an off day.

I shall savor the last bit of my vacation now. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Nail Adventures