“Why Do You Put That Stuff On Your Face?” or, My History With Makeup

One day, when I was in high school, I was in the bathroom, getting ready to head to the movies with my friends. My little brother watched me put on my makeup, carefully doing my eye shadow and mascara (I hadn’t yet gotten into liner or brows.)

He looked at me and said: “Why do you put that stuff on your face? It makes you look fake.”

My response was to push him out of the bathroom and close the door.

Honestly, at the time I didn’t have much of a response outside of “I’m supposed to, right?”

My relationship with all things cosmetic started at 16, formally. Even when many young girls start to experiment with makeup, digging into their mother’s stash, I was hooked on Lip Smackers. Specifically, the Dr. Pepper kind because it left a slight red on my lips that I liked. Other than that, I couldn’t be bothered.

My mother would let me have all of the neutral colored lip gloss I wanted. I stuck with browns, mostly. I couldn’t do foundation or anything till I was older, so I was a tomboy with great manicures and lip gloss. Interesting combo, right?

When I was able to do full faced looks, I did foundation and eye shadow. Blue, mostly, because it’s my favorite color. Now, most girls my age were doing a single line of white on their lids, lining their lips with black eye pencil, and wearing clear gloss. I thought that was odd, so I did my lid with blue (lid only, no highlight under the brow) with no eye liner. I did like mascara, though. And I stuck with brown lip glosses.

I can’t say, looking back on it, I had the most savvy makeup sense. But I was supposed to wear it, right? I’m a girl!

By the time I left for college, I was still struggling to keep my skin clear, so I would do full makeup only a few times a week, sticking with a little powder and gloss the majority of the time. I kept it simple, figuring less was more.

And then? I started working, and makeup became my livelihood. And my makeup routine? Took a left!

So, I went from next to nothing to full face and loud eye shadow colors. I discovered Urban Decay and bought as much product as my small paycheck would allow me. Lips still neutral, rarely did a lip liner unless I had a bright color on (never.)

And now? I am a manager, and I do makeup consultations all the time. I tell my clients that I am the laziest makeup artist I know, because my face routine is so low key. These days, foundation, powder (if I remember), liquid liner, brows, and mascara. Lip balm if I have it on me, bright lipstick if I find it in my bag. I do the extravagant eyes when I am headed to see my bosses or training.

With all this history, I still find it hard to answer why I put this stuff on my face.

The honest answer? I love the idea of what makeup can do. It can build someone’s confidence, change an outlook, or give another means of self expression. I tell people that anyone can learn how to do makeup; while many of my coworkers have been formally trained, I have no training outside of getting to work and realizing my look is NOT the best. Makeup isn’t an exact science, and it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be an obligation either. It should be fun, a means to express yourself in yet another way, to add to one’s uniqueness. And that’s pretty awesome.

Also? I love showing off some of the looks I come up with now, too. For fun: me in an awesome dark lipstick (Cargo Cosmetics Bordeaux), wearing my dearly departed specs:


This is how you’ll see me at work, most of the time.

But off the clock? Naked face and lip balm. Old habits, you understand. πŸ™‚

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Happy New Year!

Hi Lovelies!

So, my work load caused me to take a two week hiatus. Sorry about that. But! I live! And I have pictures of my New Year’s nails and makeup looks.

Never mind I wore them to work. I still was all sparkly while I did my thing. πŸ™‚

First up: the face!


Maybe I hit selfie overload, haha! Β The eye makeup is Stila’s Dare to Bare palette, and lip gloss is Vera Moore Cosmetics’ Fuschia. I’m wearing this dress and this pair of earrings; both from Lane Bryant. I looked bright and festive!

Oh, and my nails?


Disco balls! I am wearing a gold Orly polish underneath the golden holo glitter from Julep (it’s called Paris.) So basically, I sparkled from head to toe. Just like I like it. πŸ™‚

I wish for all of you, my readers, to have a lovely and prosperous 2014. Here’s to achieving all that we wish!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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Adventures in Shopping: Black Friday Haul

Hi Lovelies!

Whew! It’s been a long morning. I just got back in from my Black Friday Shopping, and am having a cup of coffee before I peruse the online shops.

I was going to make you a huge post of sales, but time just escaped me (I had a full 10 hour day at work yesterday…happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!) However, Marie Denee at the Curvy Fashionista has an awesome roundup of sales and deals for the curvy girl. Go here and look at the great deals!

Now, if you feel like you need to get out and get the blood circulating after yesterday’s meal, here are some of the deals I hit up today, most of which continue through the weekend.

Since I’m a bit clumsy, I have managed to break all of my wine glasses. And while there’s nothing wrong with sipping out of whatever cup you have handy, I figured I ought to have at least a couple of proper wine glasses for company. So, I went to Pier 1 Imports to find some nice glasses, and lo and behold they have a 30% off sale. So I got these:


So pretty! I got two for about $12. It’s nice to have a couple of fancy glasses to show off. From there I went to Ulta. I swear I should own stock in the company! Anyhow, by the time I got there most of the doorbusters were gone, but I still was able to take advantage of the gift with purchase they had for fragrance:


A five piece serving set! So now I have nice glasses and nice dishes for company. I picked up some Eternity Aqua, more nail glitters and rhinestones from Red Carpet Manicure, a lipstick in this screaming pink from Urban Decay, three OPI polishes (they were buy two, get one free!), a set of three (!) palettes from Stila (and the whole set was $30!), and one of the new (cheaper) nail pens from Sally Hansen (not pictured). I am working on a gold/white version of the 50 Shades of Grey manicure for a bride, so I’m hoping that first OPI on the left will do it! I’ll have the swatch of the new look soon.

And finally, I had to get some clothes. Old Navy has an awesome sale going on this weekend. Today everything in the store is 50% off (tomorrow is 40% if memory serves), so I went to get two wintertime staples: sweaters and leggings. I was not disappointed!


I got 5 sweaters, 4 pairs of leggings, and a long sleeved shirt (not pictured) for under $100! Not a bad haul today. I am also super happy that people were being civil to one another today.

I can’t say I’m done shopping for the weekend just yet, though. Cyber Monday is coming, and I’m looking forward to the awesome deals there. Should I have time, I’ll do a post with coupon codes for y’all. Until then, stay beautiful!

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Quick Hit: New Lipstick!

Hi Lovelies!

I am typing this while sipping on my coffee, trying to figure out my makeup for the day.

And then I remembered: I have new lipstick!

I tend to not fool with lipstick so much, as I love to change lip color often. I tend to stay with gloss because that’s easier to switch out during the day.

And then, I met this:


That there is the new Cargo Essential Lip Color in Bordeaux and it is fabulous! High pigment, creamy feeling and moisturizing (I have the flakiest lips ever so this is a huge plus), and it lasts for hours.

Ok. I have to be out the door to work in about 10 minutes, so let me finish my coffee (and makeup) and get moving. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: the company I work for sells this item. However, I was not compensated for this review nor did I receive the product for free. It’s just that fabulous!Β 

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