Quick Hit: Neutral Nails–An Adjustment

I couldn’t take all of the super pale nails, even with the shimmer. So I made the other nails pink.

Here they are:


I know, I know. But I made it a whole two days! Pink is Lois by Julep, and grey accent is Mona by Julep. Still neutral, but a bit more uniform. This makes me a little happier.

Uniformity isn’t bad sometimes. 🙂

This is a good look for a fashion interview, by the way. It’s natural enough to not take away from your look, but still gives a hint of personality.

See you tomorrow with a fashion post!

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Nail Adventures: Nude and Neutral Nails

I love color.

I have to wear black to work every day (beauty jobs represent!), so I try to inject color wherever I can.

I either have on super sparkly earrings and loud shadow, or loud lipstick or lip gloss.

But usually, to make sure I actually attract customers (purple shadow can put some folks off), I have loud nails. Blue, purple green, all manner of glitter or rhinestones. Flowers or tuxedo, french or stripes.

But what you don’t see me in? Are neutrals and nudes.

I don’t understand it, personally. If everything else is understated, I need at least one something for a pop to make me happy.

And since I’m doing things that scare me a bit, I decided I would do a nail look featuring nudes or neutrals. This week’s supplies:


Before y’all say it: yes, that sparkly orange is in fact a neutral. With my skin tone, you get just a hint of shimmer, and you don’t focus much on the color. That’s what makes it neutral. Now, an earthy tone that blends with one’s natural skin color is what makes it a nude; that will vary depending on skin tone. Kennedy (that neutral yellow-beige there) is my nude, as it blends with me. For those interested, that sparkly orange is called Karen. 🙂

Nudes scare me. Neutrals scare me. At least, if I have to stand out in some manner, it needs to be my hands! Don’t take my color away. 😦

So, I had to narrow down the pile of polishes I have but can’t be bothered to use 98% of the time. I decided on these four:


From left to right: OPI’s Ski Slope Sweetie (sheer white with gold shimmer), Julep’s Lois (pink shimmer creme), pale tan creme polish by Julep (the sticker has fallen off and I have no clue of the name!) and Julep’s Mona (slate grey creme). I did opt for some rhinestones because let’s face it: it’s enough as it is I don’t have any real color in this mani besides the pink. If you think I’m pouting, you’re right.

Heh. I just wanted to be dramatic for a bit. All that complaining was totally unwarranted. Here it is:


So, even with the shimmer, this manicure is pretty understated. I layered No-Name tan with Ski Slope Sweetie to make this shimmery tan/gold thing. I painted Lois on my ring fingers, and a triangle in Mona. And again, because a manicure without a rhinestone or stud makes me very unhappy, I did a small row of clear stones down the center. Kind of like a reverse tuxedo nail. So cute, and the accent nail is a true accent!

Eventually, I want to challenge myself to do a manicure with no shimmer, glitter, or rhinestones.

That made me sad just thinking about it. 😦 But I can do it! One day.

I think.

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